Learning Path - Linode: Kubernetes Engine

Step 1


Begin your Kubernetes journey by getting your basics right. These courses help you clear your basics in Linux, networking, applications, build and release procedures.

Kubernetes is a container orchestration technology. So knowing the basics of containers is a pre-requisite.

Step 2


Start your Kubernetes journey by learning the basics of Kubernetes with the Kubernetes for the Absolute Beginners Course.

Here you learn about PODs, Deployments, ReplicaSets, Services, and deploy an example application using this knowledge.

You may deploy your own cluster using the demos available in the course or work with our hands-on labs.

Step 3


Linode : Kubernetes Engine

Get started with Linode Kubernetes Engine with seamless experience of fully managing Kubernetes clusters.

LKE is a container orchestration engine used to set up, connect, configure, deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters easily.

With LKE you will be able to efficiently utilize your resources, work around node pools with autoscaling of clusters in real time to get stable applications.

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