Ultimate Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) Mock Exam Series

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator – Full Mock Exam Series

The CKA Full Mock exam series is a comprehensive and one-stop hands-on practice test for all CKA aspirants.

This mock exam is unique compared to the mock exams and lightning labs provided in the CKA course. 

Exam Detail:

The CKA exam adheres to the following knowledge areas:

As shown in the diagram above, there are 5 knowledge areas from which you can expect hands-on questions during the exam.

Workload and scheduling comprise 15% of the questions. Architecture, Installation, and maintenance 25%. Services and networking are 20%. Storage is another 10%, and troubleshooting, which is the largest, comprises 30% of the questions.

This mock exam series is designed in such a way that it respects the weightage of these individual knowledge areas to give you the experience of an actual exam.

And to take it up another notch, the questions you get for this mock exam, including the knowledge areas, are completely randomized, curated from a large pool of questions designed by our experts!

This means that it is highly unlikely that you will get an identical set of questions across multiple attempts of this exam.

Exam Environment:

And that’s not all. To make this experience as close to taking a real exam, this mock exam uses multiple Kubernetes clusters:
There are 4 clusters in total, as shown in the infogram above, some of which are dedicated to specific knowledge sections.

By default, the exam taker will be logged in to what is called the student node. From here, you will be able to access all the other Kubernetes clusters and also be able to SSH to the nodes of these clusters.

Exam Duration and Number of questions:

In total, 20 random questions are generated for an entire lab. As mentioned earlier, these are randomized across the knowledge areas or sections, and you will have 2 hours to complete the exam.

At the end of the exam, the results will be auto-validated, and you will be presented with a score.

The questions that are generated are of varying difficulty and weightage. The weightage for each question and the knowledge area that it belongs to will be displayed above each question:

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1. Complete 100% of the ‘CKA Certification’ Course.
2. Complete the ‘Ultimate CKA Mock Exam Series’ Course in the minimum duration with the highest score.
3. Share your experience on your social media accounts, and tag us! Don’t forget to tag KodeKloud and add #cka-mock-contest at the end of your caption!
4. Once you have completed the steps above, submit your details here: https://kode.wiki/cka-mock-exam-contest

The contest starts on 1st Feb. Winners will be announced every week. Only for KodeKloud Premium Subscribers!:point_right: 


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Fernando Jordan Silva
Fernando Jordan Silva
Solutions Architect at Renault Group, Spain
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I'm not a security specialist, but I have realized that the course explains very well every topic and you can use the labs in every lesson to practice. It's a hard certification but using this course I could learn every element step by step and test myself if I was ready using the exam simulators, and I was great because the simulators are very close to a real exam! using this course I got the certification in my first attempt!
Amjad Nagori
Amjad Nagori
Solutions Architect, Logic Monitor
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Thank you so much Mumshad Mannambeth for the awesome course, I couldn't find better than yours. These courses are well designed with awesome practice labs and have more than the required content to learn and pass the Kubernetes exams. Not sure how you are managing them with these much of low cost.
Sandy Yang
Sandy Yang
Engineer, Architecture, Devops Advocate, Cloud Practitioner
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... Thank you Mumshad Mannambeth and the team for your contribution to computer education. If all training programs were like yours, there won't be a movement called #womanintech....

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