Sunil Sagar
Lead Site Reliability Engineer - PALO IT


Our students feel that KodeKloud has reshaped their lives by providing them with beneficial courses that helped them either upgrade their careers or make a career switch to the IT world. 

They have inspired us with their perseverance and hard work. What brings us great joy is hearing the stories of our students who have grown through their learning journey with KodeKloud and emerged victorious!
I studied KodeKloud for the last three years. I learned a lot from KodeKloud. Actually, these are amusing courses and developed me to become a good DevOps Engineer. Now I am working as a DevOps Engineer in an organization. And I want to keep in touch with KodeKloud to learn more. I wait for new courses to learn something new. Thanks to the whole KodeKloud team for launching such great courses.
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Shereen Abdelbaky
Student KodeKloud
I was quite confused about how to move from Linux to DevOps, don't know where to start that's when I found KodeKloud, spent 6 months on their beginner courses for DevOps (Their Roadmap to DevOps was an eye-opener for me), Everything changed since then Now I am working as a DevOps Engineer. My payscale was raised by 112% because of them. It would have been a long road if not for KodeKloud. Forever Grateful!
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Gokul Ravichandran
Student KodeKloud
KodeKloud's exemplary course structure and practice tests build a strong bridge between understanding the concepts and their implementation. It's detailed, vast, and in-depth. Most amazingly the complicated concepts have been crushed into finer bits for easy digestion. A must platform for anyone wanting to self-pace and learn stuff. Highly recommended for all age groups.
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Aneek Bera
Student KodeKloud
Zero to Hero deal. KodeKloud helped to become a DevOps transformation from zero to hero on their published crafted course. The best learning platform for all learners. Highly recommended.
Gopinath AS
Student KodeKloud
The Labs is the strongest of all the perks of learning with KodeKloud! Most of the technologies like Kubernetes, Docker, Vault, and Terraform which I was a part of were perfect for gaining the real-time experience. Being said, I always look for the courses in KodeKloud if I think of certifications as my next milestone!
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Kaustubh M.
Student KodeKloud
KodeKloud is the best platform in terms of providing DevOps content. The design of every course comes with a bunch of labs and it is not just with some questions but with practical scenarios. Even Though I was only using the free resources available in KodeKloud, the support the KodeKloud team provided for students like me was great and I was stunned. I would highly recommend anyone starting their career in DevOps or already experienced, KodeKloud stands and supports you from start to end. Especially if you are one who is trying to achieve certifications, KodeKloud is the right platform, courses are up to the point and more than enough.
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Inbharaj Mani
Student KodeKloud
Best Interactive courses in the market with affordable prices. The addition of new courses is icing on the cake. This portal will be a one-stop shop for all cloud-related learning.
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Student KodeKloud
KodeKloud is a "MUST TO HAVE" learning site for DevOps and SRE journeys. I've improved my skill a lot with Docker and Kubernetes thanks to the instructors of KodeKloud. The option to use the playground environments help me to prepare for the Kubernetes certifications. Thanks a lot for sharing the knowledge with us 😸😸😸😸
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Alvaro Linares Cabré
Student KodeKloud
Great cloud environment for practicing Kubernetes. The console response is almost instant, just like in localhost. The UI/UX is also great, never getting lost when navigating through the menu. Lastly, I almost never had a problem using this platform.
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Bagus Facsi Aginsa
Student KodeKloud
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Alessandro Affinito
Senior DevOps Engineer, PTV Group

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Perfect prescription for Devops fever

“I highly recommend KodeKloud for everyone who aspires to become a better technical professional by learning new Devops tools and technologies. The pace at which every course was structured was fabulous. It is like visiting a "Devops Clinic" where everything is precisely prescribed for you. You can surely invest in their courses which will take you to higher heights.”

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Swetha D.

I am happy to share that I'm now a Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA). This was a challenging certification due to its hands-on nature. Thanks to Mumshad Mannambeth and the KodeKloud team for the well-structured course and great labs.

Saurabh Atirek

I am happy to share that I have successfully cleared CKAD certification. I would like to thank Mumshad Mannambeth for the amazing course and hands on labs at KodeKloud which helped me learn the basics of #kubernetes.

Ramkumar Nagarajan

I'm happy to share that I've been certified as a Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS).This also marks the successful completion of the Kubernetes triplet CK[A, AD, S].CKS is more challenging and time-bound exam compared to its peer CKA.Thanks to Mumshad Mannambeth for an excellent course on KodeKloud.

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