Learning Path - Cloud Courses

Step 1


Are you looking to start your journey in Cloud Learning or want to upskill? Our Cloud learning path is a curated collection of courses that cover everything from core technologies like AWS (Amazon Web Services), AZ (Microsoft Azure Administrator), and GCP (Google Cloud Platform) through skills badges for professionals and beginners alike. KodeKloud Cloud Learning Path will help you upskill, empower, and gain new knowledge.

Let’s get started with some basics. The courses in this step will help you understand the fundamentals of cloud computing concepts, different services offered, and monitoring solutions in AWS, Azure, and GCP

Step 2


Start your Cloud Learning journey by developing a basic understanding and skills of Cloud Computing tools and technologies. Develop professional insight and expertise through our comprehensive curriculum and community support throughout the courses.

Step 3


Prepare for your DevOps interview or gain invaluable experience by signing up to KodeKloud Engineer.

KodeKloud Engineer provides an environment for our students to gain real hands-on experience by working on real project tasks on real systems.

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