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Join the KodeKloud Ambassador Program

Empower Your DevOps Journey and Inspire Others-Welcome to the KodeKloud Ambassador Program!

Are you passionate about DevOps and eager to share your knowledge with a community of like-minded professionals?

As a KodeKloud Ambassador, you'll be at the forefront of the DevOps community, playing a pivotal role in guiding peers through their just-in-time learning needs and career advancement goals
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Why should you apply?

Become a Leader
Enact Change in Tech
Develop Your Skills
Strengthen Your Portfolio 
Professional Growth And Networking
Gain Knowledge and Access Resources

How to Join?

Simply fill out the application form.

Tell us about your journey in DevOps, how KodeKloud has impacted your career, and how you plan to contribute as an ambassador.

Our team will review your application and get in touch with the next steps.

We accept applications every quarter on a rolling basis. If you’re keen to become an ambassador with us, the best place is to join our community.

You must be 18 and above and willing to get hands on with collaborating, organizing and leading projects!
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The process to become
a KodeKloud Ambassador

Become a KodeKloud Ambassador
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Dedicated support to help you gain new knowledge and skills
Conduct virtual/in-person events & other innovative projects
Complete your one-year tenure as a KodeKloud Ambassador

Ambassador Perks and Benefits

Not only will you get recognition for being the face of KodeKloud, but you'll also get incredible benefits such as:
Exclusive Limited-Edition KodeKloud Swags
Get exclusive KodeKloud Ambassador swags designed just for you! From stickers to t-shirts, you’ll receive exclusive limited-edition merchandise!
Private Slack Channel
Access our private slack channel and join the KodeKloud team in discussing new features. You will be the representative for our students, and you'll have a direct influence on our roadmap.
KodeKloud Subscription Access
Throughout your Ambassador journey, take advantage of all KodeKloud's courses without charge.
Certification & Verified Badge
Get your very own 'KodeKloud Ambassador' acknowledgement certification.
Be Noticed
Get recognised across all of KodeKloud’s social media accounts and in an exclusive newsletter that will be sent to our students.
Stand a chance to get hired
Being a KodeKloud ambassador, you may have an exclusive chance to get recruited and work with the KodeKloud team. Your application will be given top consideration over other applicants!
To learn more about the benefits, click here.

How can you contribute as an Ambassador?

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Form A Club

Establish a club with like-minded members in collaboration with your school or organisation. Decide on a faculty advisor and a core support team to guide the club as it grows.

Host Events

Educate students about DevOps and provide a tour of our platform through interactive events, workshops, webinars and many more!

Build Your Community

Launch your own discord servers, slack workspaces, or other forums. With a variety of methods, you will be able to keep them informed on the most recent DevOps industry developments!

Organise Podcasts & Live Talks

You have the opportunity to discuss any DevOps topic or the latest trends in the industry on any social media platform.

Share With Your Family & Friends

Through your social media accounts, you will be able to share about KodeKloud's courses, playgrounds, events, community activities and many other initiatives!

Build Your Own Project

Take the initiative and oversee project-building activities with recognized local partners while maintaining open-source projects. You can organize Hackathons in your community & come up with exciting challenges.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the KodeKloud Ambassador Program?

The KodeKloud Ambassador program in an initiative to host a global group of ambassadors who are eager to help students and their communities lead in their local tech circles, and develop technical and career skills for the future with KodeKloud. As an Ambassador, you might find yourself organizing events or community hackathon, talks, mentoring other students and educating about KodeKloud’s DevOps offerings.

Code of Conduct

KodeKloud Ambassadors enthusiastically impart their expertise to their peers. We also want our ambassadors to embody certain standards and positively display community spirit by conducting themselves with respect and restraint whenever they engage with people, inside and outside the program. Being a budding technologist who can speak to the larger community is not enough - we care deeply about a person's character and leadership skills.

Who is eligible for the program, and what experience do you need?

There are a few things we look for in selecting an ambassador. If you fit this description, we welcome your application.

  • Students who are at least 18 years old
  • Can commit to the program for one year
  • Passionate about creating an impact in their community
  • Strong technical understanding of DevOps technologies 
  • Experience with event planning or conducting events
  • Connection to the local developer groups
  • Available to host an event ideally once a month, and at least every 3 months

What does it mean to be an Ambassador?

It means you’ll be supported while you build community, make a difference, lead others, learn and share. You’ll get access to KodeKloud Subscription and team to help you on your journey, including exclusive entry into the community network.

What resources do KodeKloud Ambassadors have access to?

We believe in preparing students for future careers and service to the greater good through opportunities to learn, lead, and share. Core to the program is the opportunity for students to build tech skills on their own through tutorials and courses through KodeKloud. These benefits include but aren’t limited to:

  • Access to KodeKloud Subscription 
  • Student ambassadors milestone badges to highlight program accomplishments on your LinkedIn profile
  • Access to KodeKloud Meetups/Conferences in future
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What are the responsibilities of being an ambassador?

  • Spread awareness about KodeKloud on social media and help make an impact in the community.
  • Ambassadors are expected to create and share content at least weekly related to the topics we strive for at KodeKloud – DevOps, Cloud, OpenSource etc. Represent KodeKloud in big events by other communities (conferences, seminars, or offline meetups).
  • Join weekly discussions and monthly community calls.
  • Collaborating with fellow ambassadors & respecting everyone in the community.
  • Assisting folks during the on-boarding process & helping them navigate different opportunities to contribute.

 What are the benefits of becoming a KodeKloud Ambassadors?

There are several benefits for our ambassadors, but here are a few that stand out:

  • Professional growth - Get access to technical knowledge and community management training to help you lead more decisively, as well as invitations to KodeKloud events.
  • Network growth - To receive mentorship from the KodeKloud team and exchange expertise while also connecting with a worldwide network of student leaders, experienced community organizers and industry experts.
  • Community learning - dedicated assistance to learn and grow your community, offline and online.

How much time commitment is involved?

KodeKloud Ambassadors should be available to run an event ideally once a month, and at least every three months to remain active as ambassador. Additionally, being an ambassador is a one year commitment.

Where can I get ideas for hosting events and workshops?

We always welcome new ideas for hosting events and workshops. In case you are not able to find good ideas, you can definitely contact our KodeKloud Ambassador Program leads for more such ideas.

How does the program help in my school or career?

The KodeKloud Ambassadors program allows students to create active communities and teach their peers about the newest technology, preparing them for career opportunities. By having exclusive access to KodeKloud resources, like our KodeKloud Subscription, students are better equipped to advance their technical knowledge through practical experience.

Additionally, you can improve your leadership, soft skills and entrepreneurship by organizing events on your campus, connecting with other students, and developing multidisciplinary skills like public speaking, social media, and personal branding.

What is the KodeKloud Ambassadors application process and deadline?

You can fill out the program application online, where you will also find the deadline dates. New students are accepted into the program quarterly. Included in the application are sections for written questions, and a short video introduction so we can get to know you and why you’re passionate about becoming a KodeKloud Ambassador.

When are we closing the intake for the 1st quarter for ambassadors?

February 2023

I applied recently but did not receive a response

We try to respond back as quickly as possible. But based on the number of applicants at any given time, this might take a couple of weeks.

My application was rejected, can I reapply?

Yes! Keep contributing, you can apply next time, in the next in-take.

I’m not a KodeKloud Ambassador, can I contribute?

Contributions of any kind and type are always welcome. Reach out to KodeKloud team on [email protected].

What is the criteria to get graduated from the KodeKloud Ambassador program?

In order to successfully graduate from the program you need to atleast conduct three events in a year. Also, sharing a blog or video testimonials is much appreciated.

What happens when I graduate?

Once you graduate you’ll become a program alum. Alumni are who have made valuable contributions in the past and may no longer be able to commit to the same level of participation or have graduated.

How can I contact KodeKloud Ambassador Program leads?

We always welcome you doubts and queries regarding the program. Do shoot a mail to us at [email protected].

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