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CKS Certification Learning Path

The CKS Certification Learning Path is  tailored to individuals aiming to become a Certified Kubernetes Security  Specialist (CKS), encompassing foundational knowledge and advanced Kubernetes  security skills. Additionally, participants prepare for the CKS exam with  access to challenges and mock exams for exam readiness assessment.

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Learn Kubernetes
setting up local environment
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Prepare for CKA
logging & monitoring
cluster maintenance
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Prepare for CKS
kubernetes attack surface
cluster setup
system hardening
microservice vulnerabilities
supply chain security monitoring
runtime security
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How long will it take for me to be certified?

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≈ 5-6 Months
≈ 4-5 Months
≈ 3 Months
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≈ 5 Months
≈ 4 Months
≈ 3 Months
≈ 2-3 Months
≈ 4 Months
≈ 3 Months
≈ 2-3 Months
≈ 2 Months
* This is based on averages from our students. This may change depending on your experience and level of expertise.


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What is CKS?

CKS stands for Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist. It is a certification program offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) to validate the skills and knowledge of professionals working with Kubernetes security.

What are the prerequisites for the CKS certification?

To be eligible for the CKS certification, you are required to hold a valid Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) certification. This prerequisite ensures that candidates have a solid understanding of Kubernetes core concepts before focusing on security aspects.

How can I prepare for the CKS exam?

To pass the CKS exam, the KodeKloud's CKS course and the CKS challenges courses are highly recommended. These resources provide comprehensive coverage of the exam curriculum and offer hands-on practice with real-world Kubernetes scenarios.

What is the format of the CKS exam?

The CKS exam is an online, proctored, performance-based exam. It consists of a set of practical tasks that need to be completed within a given time (usually 2 hours). The tasks are designed to assess your ability to implement and manage security in Kubernetes clusters.

What topics are covered in the CKS exam?

The CKS exam focuses on various security domains, including cluster setup, cluster hardening, system hardening, network policies, runtime security, monitoring, logging, auditing, and supply chain security. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of these topics and be able to apply them in real-world scenarios.

How is the CKS exam scored?

Each task in the CKS exam is assigned a specific weight, and you earn points for successfully completing the tasks. Partial credit may be given for partially correct answers. To pass the exam, you need to achieve a minimum passing score, which is determined by the CNCF.

How long is the CKS certification valid?

The CKS certification is valid for 3 years from the date of passing the exam. After the validity period, you will need to recertify to maintain your certification.

Can I use external resources or references during the CKS exam?

During the CKS exam, only the official Kubernetes documentation is allowed. Using any external resources or references is strictly prohibited. The exam aims to assess your ability to implement security practices within Kubernetes based solely on the information provided in the official documentation.

What to expect in the PSI exam environment? How does the exam environment look like?

The exam will take place from PSI’s secured browser, candidates can expect similar experiences who take the exam since everything is done in a single environment that works the same way for everyone. You can start the exam 30 minutes early. This will give you enough leeway to perform basic troubleshooting while checking in on your machine (restarting or webcam issues) in the event that a technical issue arises. You may also use this time to prepare your room and your much-needed IDs or even to take a breath, compose and mentally prepare yourself for the exam.Check the blog below for more details on hardware, keyboard shortcuts and other exam environment details:

What are the exam and system requirements for the CKS exam?

Exam Requirements
- Government-issued IDs with candidates’ full name, photo, and signature.
- A well-lit room with a clear background is suggested as this exam is proctored.

System Requirements
- The current version of Chrome or Chromium
- Stable Internet connection
- Webcam
- Microphone