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Over One Million professionals have forged DevOps careers using KodeKloud

Our expertly crafted courses cover all aspects of DevOps, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of the most sought-after skills in the industry. Our highly experienced, dedicated, and hard-working trainers go to great lengths to ensure that DevOps is made simple to understand.
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KodeKloud excels at helping you learn better

KodeKloud is a Linux foundation certified kubernetes training partner and a certified service provider

Our team of dedicated instructors comprises industry experts with years of experience in the DevOps field.

They are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring that you receive the highest quality education possible. With their guidance, you'll gain a deep understanding of the most relevant technologies and best practices.
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We swear by the power of experiential learning.

Our platform offers


hands-on labs and real-world scenarios that allow you to dive deep into the practical applications of DevOps principles. You'll be able to work on actual projects, putting your newfound skills to the test and learning from highly focused, relevant, industry experience.
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Cloud & DevOps Playgrounds
with KodeKloud Pro

KodeKloud Pro includes everything you’d get in the Standard Plan (all


DevOps courses and


Our Pro plan gives you access to KodeKloud Engineer Pro and Playgrounds that let you test and play around with pre-built solutions, such as:
Cloud environments like AWS, Azure or GCP
A Docker server
A Kubernetes cluster
An Istio setup
A server with Ansible + multiple VMs you can target for automation
Playgrounds are blank, clean environments intended for you to tinker with freely. Each playground can be extended to give you as much time as you need.

Our Trainers Know How To Build Legendary Careers.

Our Learn-By-Doing platform helps you retain knowledge more efficiently - making you job ready from day one. 
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All you need for a successful DevOps Career

Our courses and hands-on labs will give you the tools and confidence to excel at your new DevOps job.

What Some of Our


Students Say

Rahim Remu
Network Consulting Engineer

Cisco System

I must say your style of teaching and explaining concepts is amazing. Thank you for developing a course that is totally on point with this exam.

Tata Avirneni
Software Developer

T Mobile

Passed Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification test with flying colors. Its 2 hours of intense performance-based test. I took the course by Mumshad Mannambeth. It’s one of the best courses that I have done.

Rajith Navam
Software Development Engineer

Cisco System

I cleared my CKAD exam. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for creating the BESTEST course. Your explanation is next level, anyone, without any background can understand your lectures.

The KodeKloud Advantage

We strive to always be up-to-date

One of the most common issues we see with other DevOps training platforms is companies abandoning their content. They grow quickly and then stop updating their courses and adding new modules.
KodeKloud’s courses are built to be accessible, easy to understand, and simple to implement. 

With KodeKloud, you learn-by-doing, in a controlled environment that simulates real-world scenarios without any risks or consequences.
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Our Trainers

Our mission came as a result of all the issues I saw in the industry. I was frustrated with the quality of DevOps courses out there. They were theory-based, with poor delivery, and terrible customer service. There was a clear need for a hands-on, seamless DevOps learning platform. Our mission today is to take our platform to everyone in the world of DevOps. The feedback from our students gave me the confidence to realize that we are the best-in-class for DevOps education. It’s our duty to bring our platform to every single student who can benefit from it.
Mumshad Mannambeth
Founder & CEO of Kodekloud

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