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My name is Mumshad Mannambeth and I’m the founder of KodeKloud. In 2018, I published my first online course. My goal was to make complex DevOps technologies simple and easy to understand. In July 2019, I launched KodeKloud to provide an immersive learning experience to students all over the world.

The key to achieving this goal was the seamless integration between video lectures and hands-on labs. I didn’t want the students to just learn the theory, but to truly understand the technology through practice.

The students recognized these efforts. By July 2021, KodeKloud reached 200,000 students. Over 750,000 students around the world have taken my courses.

During this period of fast growth, I built a team of dedicated experts who helped KodeKloud become what it is today. A smooth, easily accessible and affordable educational platform that helps students become DevOps experts.
Mumshad Mannambeth
Founder & CEO of Kodekloud

Our Values

Learning Experience
Besides our focus on the quality of education, we obsess over the learning experience. Going through so many courses myself, I made it one of our core values to make learning fun.

This wasn’t because I was impressed by the other courses. Quite the opposite, I felt frustrated by the lack of effort from those course creators. They made the learning process difficult and dull.

We decided to create a smooth and fun learning experience at every level. An essential part of this journey was to build gamified labs that provide our students with hands-on experience.

This helps our students feel confident going to that job interview. They understand the technology inside out.
We know that our students are constant learners. They’re always looking to improve their skills and acquire new ones. We designed our pricing model with this in mind. We provide our students access to all courses for one monthly (or annual) fee.

To this day, we put in massive effort to make our platform a no-brainer for students. We focus on providing so much value that our students can immediately recognize the worth of our platform.
Team spirit
We’re creative problem solvers. Our team consists of specialists in different fields. We come together to make the company work flawlessly and grow sustainably.

We support each other to keep improving the quality of our work. Everything with our students in mind.
We’ve built a transparent organization that lets student know exactly what they’re getting. Our ethical approach is a major part of our marketing and product development strategies. It’s deeply ingrained into every single lesson and every single piece of our marketing materials.
Constant improvement
We never rest on our laurels. We keep improving the platform and the experience by enhancing existing content and developing new courses. Our product development process is interactive and we ask our students what they’d like to learn next. The student feedback helps us constantly improve and achieve sustainable growth.

Our Journey

What started as just a few courses and labs, is today growing at an extremely fast pace. To give you some idea about the roller coaster that we went through on our journey:
First 1000 students around January 2019
We reached 10,000 students in September 2019 (9 months later)
In August 2020 (after 11 months) we reached 100,000 students!!!
Our Mission
I never actually planned a big, world-changing mission. The mission came from the issues that I saw in the industry. Most courses were just monotonous voiceovers with a screen capture of a terminal. I was sick and tired of boring, uninspiring methods that I kept coming across. I wasn’t the only one.

DevOps students all over the world were craving an immersive learning experience. I started with my courses and then realized the immense potential for this approach. Our mission today is to take our platform to everyone in the world of DevOps, and I mean every single engineer or aspiring DevOps engineer.

This is because the feedback from our students gave me the strength and the confidence to realize that we are the best-in-class for DevOps education. I see it as our duty to bring this education and learning approach to every single student who can benefit from it.

Our students continuously confirm the quality of our platform.

Rahim Remu
Network Consulting Engineer

Cisco System

I must say your style of teaching and explaining concepts is amazing. Thank you for developing a course that is totally on point with this exam.

Tata Avirneni
Software Developer

T Mobile

Passed Certified Kubernetes Application Developer certification test with flying colors. Its 2 hours of intense performance-based test. I took the course by Mumshad Mannambeth. It’s one of the best courses that I have done.

Rajith Navam
Software Development Engineer

Cisco System

I cleared my CKAD exam. I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for creating the BESTEST course. Your explanation is next level, anyone, without any background can understand your lectures.

KodeKloud is global, and so is our student base.

What does the future have in store for us?

We’re working hard to ensure that our future is full of never-before-seen ways of using gamification and interactive learning. I’m not talking about namesake point systems and basic quirks.

Our team doesn’t do anything for namesake purposes. Every tiny feature related to your learning experience is carefully crafted and iterated continuously. All with the single goal of making it an ultra-engaging learning experience for our students.

And next is growth. Our goal is to educate 1 million students worldwide in the next two years. We’re always on the lookout for outstanding specialists who match our values and principles. If you think you’d be a good fit for the KodeKloud team, feel free to reach out to us.
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