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KCNA Certification Learning Path

The KCNA (Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate) Certification Learning Path is tailored for individuals aiming  to become proficient in Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies. The path  culminates in preparation for the KCNA certification with the  "Kubernetes and Cloud-Native Associate" course. Mock exams are  provided for practice and assessment.

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Learn Kubernetes
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Prepare for KCNA
kubernetes fundamentals
kubernetes resources
container orchestration - security
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container orchestration - service mesh
container orchestration - storage
cloud native architecture
cloud native observability
cloud native application delivery
mock exams
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How long will it take for me to be certified?

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≈ 3 Months
≈ 2-3 Months
≈ 2 Months
≈ 1-2 Months
* This is based on averages from our students. This may change depending on your experience and level of expertise.


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What is the Kubernetes Certified Network Administrator (KCNA) certification?

The KCNA certification is a professional certification program designed to validate the knowledge and skills of network administrators working with Kubernetes. It focuses on networking concepts, configuration, troubleshooting, and best practices specific to Kubernetes environments.

What topics are covered in the KCNA certification exam?

The KCNA exam covers various networking-related topics in the context of Kubernetes, including Kubernetes networking fundamentals, network configuration options, Service networking, Network Policies, troubleshooting network connectivity, and optimizing network performance.

What are the prerequisites for the KCNA certification?

There are no specific prerequisites for the KCNA certification. However, having a solid understanding of Kubernetes architecture, networking concepts, and network administration experience is beneficial before attempting the certification exam.

Is the KCNA certification exam proctored?

Yes, the KCNA certification exam is proctored. It means that you will need to take the exam under the supervision of a proctor who ensures exam integrity and adherence to the exam rules and guidelines.

How long is the KCNA certification valid, and are there any renewal requirements?

The KCNA certification is valid for 3 years from the date of certification. To maintain an active certification, you will need to renew it before the expiration date by passing the current version of the KCNA exam or by meeting specific recertification requirements set by the certification provider.

Can I take the KCNA exam online, or is it only available at testing centers?

The availability of online or testing center options for the KCNA exam may vary depending on the certification provider. It is recommended to check the official certification website or contact the certification provider for the most up-to-date information on exam delivery options.

Is linux or docker knowledge a must for KCNA preparation?

Having knowledge of Linux and Docker can be advantageous for understanding Kubernetes networking and cluster administration, it is not a strict requirement for KCNA preparation. The KCNA certification focuses specifically on Kubernetes networking concepts, configurations, troubleshooting, and best practices. While Linux and Docker knowledge can support your understanding, they are not mandatory prerequisites for the KCNA certification.

How long will the exam take?

Candidates are allowed 90 minutes to complete the KCNA Exam.

What score is needed to pass the exam?

For the KCNA Exam, a score of 75% or above must be earned to pass.

How is the scoring process for my exam conducted?

The exam consists of multiple-choice questions, and once you finish it, the scoring is done automatically. Unless there are any exceptional circumstances or technical issues, you will receive a score report via email within 24 hours after completing the exam.

How much does the exam cost?

he cost of the KCNA exam can vary depending on the region. As of the last update in 2023, the exam fee was $250, which included one free retake. It's recommended to check the official CNCF website for the most current pricing.

What are the exam and system requirements for the KCNA exam?

Exam Requirements

- Government-issued IDs with candidates’ full name, photo, and signature.
- A well-lit room with a clear background is suggested as this exam is proctored.

System Requirements

- The current version of Chrome or Chromium
- Stable Internet connection
- Webcam
- Microphone