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Join KodeKloud for a transformative DevOps learning experience. Gain hands-on skills and expertise in the world of DevOps and Cloud technologies. Embark on your career journey with us today!
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I was quite confused about how to move from Linux to DevOps, don't know where to start that's when I found KodeKloud, spent 6 months on their beginner courses for DevOps (Their Roadmap to DevOps was an eye-opener for me), Everything changed since then Now I am working as a DevOps Engineer. My payscale was raised by 112% because of them. It would have been a long road if not for KodeKloud. Forever Grateful!
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Gokul Ravichandran
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Awesome platform! Very happy with the content and support. They update and add new courses often and the access to the terminal from the browser is simply perfect. 3 years paying subscription and I think I will continue for many more.
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Jose Luis Franco Arza

We offer



Our expertly crafted courses cover all aspects of DevOps & Cloud, ensuring you gain a solid understanding of the most sought-after skills in the industry.


Hands-on Labs

Learn by doing, tackle industry challenges, and gain expert insights for practical DevOps skills.

3 Cloud Playgrounds

Instantly access AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud within a secure environment.

60+ DevOps Playgrounds

Fearless Practice.
Boundless Experimentation.
Extendable Freedom.

Our Community

Join a community of over 1M+ DevOps enthusiasts and connect with like-minded individuals.

KodeKloud Engineer

For you to gain real hands-on experience by working on real project tasks on real systems.  




courses, you have every opportunity to carve out a niche and follow your true calling. There are thousands of jobs waiting for the right expert, and KodeKloud can prepare you to do them best.


KodeKloud ensures that you have everything you need to develop your DevOps and Cloud maturity. Our comprehensive library of Courses, Guided labs, and Playgrounds help you practice in risk-free environments.


All our courses are designed and delivered by leading industry experts who intimately understand the market needs, and know how to arm you with the skills and knowledge to truly excel.

How Does It Work?

KodeKloud’s purpose is to help you build DevOps domain expertise, literacy, and Cloud comprehension simultaneously. Be it Kubernetes, AWS, Azure, or among any of hundreds of applications, we can arm you with the knowledge to grow.

We offer bite-sized learning that fits into your day with the appropriate level of detail, KodeKloud ensures your time is spent learning skills that will drive your DevOps and Cloud maturity.
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DevOps and Cloud transformation?

Tailor your DevOps and Cloud skill development with custom learning paths to align your learning to your career goals. With Skills sandboxes, you can learn by doing and hone your growing DevOps and Cloud skills, risk-free, in secure environments. Then take your skills from learned to certified with our practice tests and certification preparations in both DevOps and Cloud fields.

Get the latest insights on how to solve critical challenges, upgrade your skills, prepare for the future, and more.
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This isn't just about your next job. Instead, create lasting change that empowers you to deliver faster and better—every time. Be the next success story. Master the world of DevOps and Cloud with KodeKloud.
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