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KodeKloud Student Stories - Pablo Morales Salinas

December 19, 2022
2 min read

What you wanted to achieve in your DevOps journey, and where were you before learning through KodeKloud?

"I always wanted to be a good professional in my area, I was an excellent SysAdmin, and today I want to be a good SRE and keep working under the DevOps culture. In 2 years, I went from being a junior SRE to a semi-senior one, but all at the cost of effort and sacrifice, many hours of study.

Looking to pass the LFCS certification and, in the future, the KCNA and CKAD certification, I came across many courses, but they lacked labs to meet the requirements of the Linux Foundation exams."

What were some of your obstacles?

"For someone who is Spanish-speaking, the biggest obstacle is the English language. The good thing is that the course I did (LFCS) has subtitles, even if they are in English. That helps a lot and allows me to understand everything very clearly."

What did you achieve?

"I fulfilled my dream of becoming a Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator. I have gotten many companies interested in me, in my skills and abilities."

What is your skill set, and how can you help your company?

"Continuous learning is necessary for our field, so it will always be an advantage for you and the company to improve your skills. The more you learn, the more you can offer better solutions in your workplace. I have strengthened my knowledge in GNU/Linux, improved my English language skills, and improved my professional expectations for the future."

How did you learn about KodeKloud, and what role did it play in your DevOps journey?

"I came across KodeKloud by searching for good Kubernetes courses on other online educational platforms and was lucky enough to find Mumshad Mannambeth's courses.

I have seen and compared a lot of courses, but the best ones are KodeKloud's. They are complete courses in every way and don't just teach you the theoretical. They reinforce the practical with their excellent labs. It's the best if you want to pass, but also if you want to learn and for that knowledge to last."

What were your early frustrations before finding KodeKloud? Did you use other platforms, and why didn't they work?

"Many courses are just theoretical, pure reading, and they don't guide you to good practice; you don't know how to start developing what you learn in their PPTs."

What did you like the most about our platform?

"As I mentioned before, even though the courses are in English, the subtitles are very clear, and from the beginning, I felt very comfortable and satisfied. The quality of teaching, video presentations, and, best of all, labs are of high level, just as if you were taking the exam.

The best thing I had was the possibility to do the LFCS course for free; these opportunities are very much appreciated."

In all, how would you describe KodeKloud?

"So far, the best interactive teaching platform on DevOps and ICT topics."

What are Ongoing courses & plans on KodeKloud?

"My next course is CKAD."

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