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KodeKloud Student Stories - Palak Bhawsar

December 19, 2022
2 min read

I started my tech career in 2020. Since then, I have worked on developing, designing, testing, and supporting applications and implementing solutions using various technologies and programming languages. I also worked in different areas of Agile as a developer and tester. With knowledge of the diverse regions, I needed clarification about which technology to choose for a stable career. In my day-to-day tasks, while developing applications, I often had to work with the DevOps team to deploy the code and run the Jenkins pipeline; that's when I developed a curiosity about how continuous integration and continuous deployment were happening as soon as I pushed the code to version control system like GitHub.

Working further with the DevOps team, I was introduced to other DevOps tools and technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes, and Terraform. I wanted to learn them all, but as a beginner, I was wondering which device and technology I should start my journey with, and it took me days to research the DevOps path, tutorials, and projects; I couldn't find everything in one place as some videos had projects, but they were lacking clear information on how to do the local setup. Firstly, I started with Jenkins and explored all the resources and learning platforms available out there, but that took me an immense amount of time to find quality content. Yet, nothing seemed satisfactory because they lacked hands-on labs.

While going through my research, one day, I came across the KodeKloud YouTube video "Become a DevOps Engineer." Immediately I searched for the Jenkins KodeKloud course. I first checked the topics that would be covered as part of the course. Surprisingly, I found everything from the introduction of Jenkins to other advanced issues like monitoring, backup, security, etc., along with the labs. At that time, I was sure I would take this course and make the most out of it. That was my best decision as the course turned out to be exciting and informative, and I ended up completing the whole Jenkins course along with hands-on lab in a day.

I started developing more and more interest in DevOps learning via KodeKloud. After completing Jenkins, I went through the DevOps learning path and started with the basics of Linux, GitHub, Shell scripting, Docker, and Terraform. I've completed the full primary DevOps path and currently learning Kubernetes. My search for content, labs, hands-on, and projects finally ended at KodeKloud. This is the only platform I found where I didn't have to refer to several resources, as I got everything I needed to master any DevOps skill in one place.

The best part of KodeKloud is that they have integrated labs to practice, and we don't need to worry whether our system is compatible while practicing. Anyone with little experience can refer to the courses and learn from their studies. KodeKloud has simplified DevOps learning with its lessons for absolute beginners to advance. They also have certification-focused courses if you are planning to do any certification. If we compare other platforms, they have a lot of video lectures which makes them dull after a while but what I found unique about KodeKloud is every lecture they have labs and quizzes, so you can immediately test your knowledge after learning various DevOps tools and technologies via KodeKloud.

I am looking forward to switching my career to DevOps as no other field intrigued me as much as DevOps. I wish to gain expertise in DevOps, which will help me improve my career prospects, and KodeKloud has undoubtedly helped me. After completing Kubernetes, I'll learn from their DevOps interview preparation course, allowing me to get a better job opportunity.

The biggest obstacle I faced while learning was finding tutorials and searching for projects related to the stack. I had to review the official documents for learning or implementing the local setup. I wanted all these things in one place where I did not have to spend much time seeking study materials and projects. KodeKloud solved that problem by providing quality study materials and practice labs.

I have gained a good knowledge of DevOps and hands-on experience through KodeKloud labs, and I don't have to depend on the DevOps team even for a small task. I can run the pipeline and deploy my code to a different environment all on my own. If something is failing, I can find the root cause and resolve it instead of waiting for the DevOps team to resolve the issue. I can confidently work with Jenkins, Linux, Ansible, Docker, and Terraform.

I highly recommend KodeKloud to every beginner getting started with their DevOps journey, as so many tools and technologies can overwhelm one. Still, KodeKloud streamlines its course to make learning more accessible and fun. I want to thank Mumshad Mannambeth for introducing such a revolutionary platform and helping thousands of aspiring DevOps Engineers like me.

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