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Learn By Doing: Managing Kubernetes with Rancher

Vijin Palazhi
HashiCorp and CNCF Trainer
DevOps Pre-Requisite Course
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This immersive course is designed for DevOps engineers, system administrators, and cloud professionals who want to gain expertise in managing Kubernetes clusters using Rancher. Whether you're new to Rancher or have some experience, this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to effectively manage and deploy Kubernetes clusters in real-world scenarios.

  • Introduction to Rancher and its capabilities
    • Learn about Rancher prerequisites
    • Understand Rancher architecture
    • Installation process on an existing single-node Kubernetes cluster
    • Hands-on experience with Rancher dashboard and basic cluster management
  • Delving into Rancher server architecture and RKE2
    • Introduction to RKE2, Rancher's preferred Kubernetes distribution
    • Exploration of Rancher's use of RKE2 for enhanced security and compliance
    • Examination of Rancher server components and deployment of a simple application using RKE2
  • Deploying workloads on the local Kubernetes cluster managed by Rancher
    • Deployment, scaling, and management of applications using Rancher dashboard
    • Deployment of a multi-tier web application and efficient scaling
  • Backup and recovery strategies for Rancher and Kubernetes clusters
    • Utilizing Rancher's built-in backup and restore mechanisms
    • Performing backup of Rancher server and cluster state, and simulating failure scenarios
  • Monitoring cluster health and performance with Rancher's integrated tools
    • Configuration and effective use of monitoring tools
    • Creation of custom dashboards and setting up alerts for key metrics
  • Exploring Rancher CLI for advanced cluster and workload management
    • Installation and usage of Rancher CLI
    • Performing operations such as creating deployments and managing resources from the command line
  • Advanced Kubernetes operations within Rancher
    • Configuration of network policies and setup of ingress controllers
    • Management of user access and permissions, including hands-on labs for practical experience
  • Deployment of a new Kubernetes cluster on AWS using Rancher
    • Configuration of the cloud environment
    • Deployment and management of Kubernetes objects on AWS through Rancher
    • Deployment of a simple application and exploration of Kubernetes resource management in the cloud context

By the end of this course, you'll have gained hands-on experience with Rancher, understanding its capabilities and feeling equipped to manage and deploy Kubernetes clusters both on-premise and in the cloud effectively. You'll have the skills and knowledge to tackle real-world challenges and streamline your Kubernetes management process.

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About the instructor

Vijin Palazhi is the Chief Technology Officer at KodeKloud, with over a decade of experience in IT infrastructure and expertise in systems engineering. 

His skills encompass storage and backup solutions, Oracle Engineered Systems Stack, Oracle Middleware, virtualization, containerization (Kubernetes and Docker Swarm), and automation. 

Vijin has specialized in Oracle Stack, particularly in Exalogic ODA Exadata and Oracle Virtual Machine Storage and Backup. 

He also has extensive experience with storage technologies, CI/CD, cloud platforms (AWS/Oracle Cloud), data center operations, and server management.

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