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KodeKloud Student Stories - Pavan Gudiwada

December 29, 2022
2 min read

What you wanted to achieve in your DevOps journey, and where were you before learning through KodeKloud?

Practicing what I learned was my primary goal. Installing, configuring, and working with the tool was what I wanted. I tried using cloud providers, and it was honestly scary. You give your credit card and get charged for something you accidentally enabled.

What were some of your obstacles?

A safe environment to practice + structured courses is what I wanted, and I couldn't find one. YouTube videos are great, but I need to set up the environment, which wastes time and energy if something breaks.

What did you achieve?

I worked as a DevOps Engineer at a service-based company a few months ago. Now I work as a remote Developer Advocate at a Product based company called And I'm proud of it.

What is your skill set, and how can you help your company?

My role is super diverse, and I get to work with Kubernetes and Python and write documentation and blogs. I love working with all of these individually, so being able to work with all of them combined is just amazing.

How did you learn about KodeKloud, and what role did it play in your DevOps journey?

I saw about KodeKloud on the FreeCodeCamp YouTube channel. I had access to Udemy, so I started the Kubernetes basics course. After learning and practicing YAML, there was no going back!

Having labs after each video was super valuable; I started learning a few concepts, practiced them, and posted about what I learned on social media. It quickly brought a lot of attention from people as they could see my progress.

What were your early frustrations before finding KodeKloud?

I never explored a paid course and considered some, but I had to have my lab set up and deal with installing all of that myself. Same with videos on YouTube.

What did you like the most about our platform?

First, the labs, and second, the instructions and their explanations.

In all, how would you describe KodeKloud?

Terrific labs and video lectures worth trying and experiencing how learning need not be a chore anymore.

Ongoing courses & plans on KodeKloud

My work is around Kubernetes and Prometheus, and I need to learn plenty every day to write more content, etc. I am focusing right now on Prometheus.

With KodeKloud and Kubesimplify collaborating, I got access to KodeKloud for free. Lots of learning ahead.

Connect me here: Twitter

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