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Come and explore the latest and greatest version of the world's most popular open-source operating system in our playground.

Try out Ubuntu 22.04’s new features without worrying about software installation on your own computer. Our playground is fully prepared so that you can start practicing and exploring right away.

What is Ubuntu 22.04?

Ubuntu 22.04 is code-named Jammy Jellyfish. It is a version of the Ubuntu operating system, which is a free and open-source Linux distribution. A Linux distribution is a version of the Linux operating system that includes additional software and utilities to make it more user-friendly and functional. Each Linux distribution includes a unique selection of software, a specific user interface, and a set of tools and utilities to manage the system.

Ubuntu 22.04 was released on 21 April 2022. It is a long-term support (LTS) release, which means that it is supported with security updates and bug fixes until April 2027.

Ubuntu 22.04 Features

This long-term support release is packed with exciting new features and improvements that will take your computing experience to a new level. Whether you’re a Linux enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of open-source software, Ubuntu 22.04 has something for everyone.

Ubuntu 22.04 includes the latest versions of popular programming languages such as Python and Ruby. This makes it the perfect platform for software development and experimentation.

In Ubuntu 22.04, the default package manager is the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). APT is a command-line utility that is used to install, update, and remove software packages. It works by downloading package files from online repositories and then managing the installation and configuration of the software on your system.

In short, Ubuntu 22.04 is a top-of-the-line operating system that offers a stable, performant, and customizable computing experience.

Playground Features

The playground comes with a command line interface. Here you can access and use the pre-installed Ubuntu 22.04 operating system.

Playground Notes

Note that you can use the playground for 1 hour. If required, you can extend the usage by 15 minutes by clicking on the icon next to the timer icon. 

So what are you waiting for?

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