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JupyterLab Playground

Get access to the JupyterLab Playground with one click

Welcome to the JupyterLab playground!

Our playground offers a fun and intuitive way to learn and practice with JupyterLab — a popular open-source tool for data analysis, visualization, and more.

The best part? You don’t need to worry about setting up a local development environment. Our playground runs entirely in your browser, so you can start learning immediately, avoiding long setup times or configuration headaches.

What Is JupyterLab?

JupyterLab is an open-source, web-based IDE (Interactive Development Environment), which provides various features and functionalities to help you with data analysis and development-related tasks. 

With JupyterLab, you can create and edit Jupyter Notebooks, which are interactive documents that combine code, explanatory text, and visualizations. Additionally, you can work with multiple file formats, such as text, JSON, and markdown, and use a range of development tools, including text editors, code consoles, and terminals.

Furthermore, you can tailor JupyterLab to your specific needs through a variety of plugins and extensions. 

JupyterLab is widely used in fields such as data science and machine learning and is an essential tool for anyone working with code and data.

Playground Features

Our playground comes with a Linux host machine that you can use to access JupyterLab. 

Playground Notes

You can use the playground for 1 hour. If required, you can extend the usage by 15 minutes by clicking on the Extend lab by 15m button, next to the timer icon. 

So, why wait? Explore the JupyterLab playground today!


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