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What is GoLang?

GoLang or Go is an open-source programming language supported by Google. Its syntax and code structure are very easy to learn and get started with. While other programming languages achieve parallelism and concurrency through the use of third-party libraries, Go has this feature built-in natively. It's lightweight and feature-rich; ideal for applications that handle large traffic or heavy computing without consuming too many resources. 

Go is considered one of the top languages used in DevOps, right next to Python, as many tools that empower DevOps practices such as CI/CD and Infrastructure-as-Code are written in these languages.

This makes it one of the top skills to learn for open-source and DevOps professionals.

What can you build with Go?

You can build many things with Go, from web applications, to cloud platform integration tools. You can also build software that helps provision and automate infrastructure, for DevOps, or Site Reliability purposes.

What does the syntax look like?

Here’s a simple snippet that prints the text “Hello World”. Notice how the composition of the code is similar to other languages such as C++ and Java. This makes Go easy to learn.

package main
import ("fmt")

func main() {
  fmt.Println("Hello World!")

Playground Features

In this playground, you’ll gain 60 minutes of access to an Ubuntu operating system environment pre-installed and fully equipped with Go and Visual Studio Code IDE straight to your browser. 

Multi-task by opening multiple tabs to the same environment and have the ability to run Go code from multiple files. Practice and hone your skills with Go, write well-written code or test functionalities, or even take the concurrency feature to the test and discover more features Go can offer. 

If you need more time, this sandbox environment also allows you to extend the time by 15-minute increments, giving you more time for practice.

Learn Go

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