Containerd Playground

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Welcome to the containerd playground.

Here, you can explore containerd’s features without going through the hassle of installing any software on your machine. It's all set up and ready for you to dive in and start experimenting!

What Is Containerd?

Containerd is a leading open-source container runtime. It is responsible for managing the complete lifecycle of containers on a cluster node. But containerd isn't just about running containers - it has evolved to handle image pulls, volumes, and networks, becoming a comprehensive tool in the container ecosystem

Containerd adheres to the Open Container Initiative (OCI) standards. This means it can run any container built according to these standards, ensuring compatibility and consistent behavior with other OCI-compatible runtimes. 

Within the containerization ecosystem, containerd is widely used in platforms like Docker and Kubernetes. Docker uses containerd as its core runtime. This means that when Docker needs to run a container, it's actually containerd doing the heavy lifting.

On the other hand, Kubernetes interfaces with containerd via the Container Runtime Interface (CRI). The CRI allows Kubernetes to use various container runtimes, without knowing the specifics of each one. Think of it like a universal adapter. Containerd steps into this system with its own CRI plugin, enabling Kubernetes to leverage containerd's capabilities.

Playground Features

The playground comes with a standalone server installed with containerd. Additionally, it includes nerdctl, a Docker-compatible command-line interface (CLI) for containerd, and Buildkit, a toolkit used for building container images.

Playground Notes

You can use the playground for 1 hour. If required, you can extend the usage by 15 minutes by clicking on the Extend lab by 15m button next to the timer icon. 

So, why wait? Explore the containerd playground today!