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Welcome to our CentOS Stream 9 playground!

Here, you can experience and experiment with the latest and greatest features of the CentOS Stream 9 operating system.

What is CentOS Stream?

CentOS Stream is a Linux distribution. In other words, CentOS Stream is a version of the Linux operating system that includes a specific set of software & features. It is an open-source, community-driven product and it is free to use.

CentOS Stream is derived from the source code of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). RHEL is a popular and widely-used commercial Linux distribution, developed and maintained by Red Hat Inc.

CentOS Stream is designed to provide early access to the next release of RHEL. It acts as a sort of “testing ground” for new technologies & features that are being considered for inclusion in future versions of RHEL. This means that users and developers can try out new features & enhancements in RHEL before they are officially released.

CentOS Stream 9 includes the dnf package manager, which allows users to search for, install, update, and remove packages.

CentOS Stream Use Cases

Some use cases of CentOS Stream 9 include:

  • Development & Testing: CentOS Stream 9 is an excellent platform for development and testing, as it provides a stable, reliable, and up-to-date environment for building and running applications.
  • Production Environments: CentOS Stream 9 is a suitable choice for production environments, as it provides a stable & secure platform for running applications and workloads. 

Cloud computing: CentOS Stream 9 is a good choice for cloud computing. It is lightweight and can be installed on a wide range of hardware platforms. It also includes support for popular cloud technologies, such as Docker & Kubernetes, making it an attractive option for cloud-based deployments.

Playground Features

The playground comes pre-installed with CentOS Stream 9. To check the version of CentOS, including the release number and the name of the distribution, run the following command:

cat /etc/centos-release

Playground Notes

Please note that you can use the playground for 1 hour. If required, you can extend the usage by 15 minutes by clicking on the icon next to the timer icon. 

If you need help, or ideas about stuff you can try, check out this easy-to-understand course about RHEL.

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