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What Is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

AWS is the leading platform for cloud computing services. But what is cloud computing? Think of an app that lets people shop online: it needs a database to store user information, servers to process orders, and email services to notify users. AWS provides these resources and more.

Cloud Computing Explained

Cloud computing is like having your own datacenter in the cloud. You can add anything your app or website needs through AWS without worrying about the hardware. AWS manages the infrastructure, so you only focus on configuring and using the services.

KodeKloud AWS Playground

AWS offers many services, which can be overwhelming for beginners. The KodeKloud AWS Playground simplifies this by providing quick access to the AWS platform. You can experiment and learn by doing, without creating an AWS account. If you make a mistake, just start a new playground.

Quick Start Guide

For a smooth experience, please read the guide below and pay attention to the highlighted text.

Supported Regions:

  • us-east-1
  • us-west-2

AWS Services Available for Testing

EC2 Instances (Virtual Machines / Servers)

EC2 instances are virtual servers. They are elastic, meaning they can easily scale up or down.

  • Use nano, micro, small, or medium sizes for t1, t2, and t3 instances.
  • Use gp2 (General Purpose) volumes with a maximum storage size of 30GB.
  • Maximum of 3 stopped instances. If exceeded, all are terminated.
  • EC2 instances stop behavior is set to "terminate."
  • Total number of EC2 instances is limited to 5.
  • Ensure a default VPC exists, creating one if necessary.

S3 - Object Storage

S3 buckets store files for easy upload and download.

  • Bucket names must be unique. Add random numbers to ensure uniqueness.

RDS - Relational Database Service

RDS supports MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and Amazon Aurora.

  • Use the Free tier for MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL.
  • For other engines, use a Single DB Instance, Burstable Class, micro or small instance, and General Purpose SSD (gp2).

EKS - Elastic Kubernetes Service

EKS quickly sets up a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Cluster service role name: eksClusterRole
  • CloudFormation stack name: eks-cluster-stack
  • Limit of 3 EC2 nodes per node group.
  • Allowed EC2 instance types: t2.micro, t2.nano, t2.small, t2.medium, t3.micro, t3.nano, t3.small, t3.medium.
  • Limit of 3 Fargate profiles per cluster.

ECR - Elastic Container Registry

Create and manage container repositories, similar to Docker Hub.

Lambda - Serverless Computing

Run code without managing servers.

  • Memory size is limited to 256 MB, and timeout to 10 seconds. Violations are updated to 128 MB and 3 seconds.
  • If a function is invoked over 300 times in the last hour, it is deleted.

CodePipeline - CI/CD Service

Automates build, test, and deploy phases.

  • Compute types limited to t3.micro, t3.small, t3.medium. Violations updated to t3.micro.

CodeDeploy - Deployment Service

Automates application releases.

  • Allowed EC2 instance types: t2.micro, t3.micro, t3.nano. Violations updated to t2.micro.

CodeBuild - Build Service

Compiles source code, runs tests, and produces packages.

  • Allowed compute types: BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL, BUILD_GENERAL2_SMALL.
  • Violations updated to BUILD_GENERAL1_SMALL.

ECS - Elastic Container Service

Manages containerized applications.

  • Limit of 3 container instances (EC2) per cluster. Violations result in cluster deletion.
  • Allowed EC2 instance types same as EKS.
  • Limit of 3 Fargate tasks per cluster.

DynamoDB - NoSQL Database Service

Provides fast, scalable NoSQL databases.

  • Provisioned throughput set to 1 read and 1 write capacity unit.
  • Billing mode set to "PAY_PER_REQUEST."

Other Services Available in the Playground

  • SNS - Simple Notification Service
  • KMS - Key Management Service
  • VPC - Virtual Private Cloud
  • CloudShell - Command line in the browser
  • CodeCommit - GitHub-like repository
  • Certificate Manager - Manage SSL/TLS certificates
  • CloudFormation: Infrastructure as code.
  • CloudWatch: Monitoring and logging.
  • CodeArtifact: Package repository.
  • CloudTrail: API call logging.
  • EKS: Managed Kubernetes.
  • SES: Email service.
  • SQS: Message queuing.
  • Secret Manager: Secret storage.
  • CloudFront: Content delivery.
  • CloudShell: Browser-based shell.
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