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Infrastructure as Code

Ansible Playground

Get access to the Ansible playground with one click

What is Ansible?

It's easy to create, manage, and configure one or two servers manually. But when you have hundreds or thousands, it becomes impossible. So we need tools that can do that automatically.

Ansible is both a Configuration Management and Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) tool. It helps administrators provision, and configure, hundreds, or thousands of infrastructure components easily. All by just providing instructions in some files (called Playbooks), that Ansible can understand and then execute on thousands of components, all at once. These automation tasks can be as simple as upgrading software on a server. But they can also be more complex, like deploying multiple applications, configuring them, and then interconnecting all of them to enable a web application.

Use cases of Ansible

  • Provisioning of the infrastructure
  • Configuration management of the infrastructure
  • Deployment of the applications
  • Automation for all of these processes

Want to get started with Ansible?

Learn the basics of Ansible and familiarize yourself with this IaC tool. KodeKloud offers a course - Ansible for Absolute Beginners - that will introduce you to the fundamentals of concepts like Ansible inventory, playbooks, modules, variables, and many more. 

KodeKloud also offers an advanced course to help you get the Ansible certification provided by Redhat. Ansible Certification Preparation Course simplifies the complex concepts of Ansible and delivers extensive knowledge about the tool. The courses also include hands-on labs where you can get some practical experience with Ansible.

Experiment with Ansible using the Ansible playground

With one click, you can get access to an Ansible environment, right in your browser. No need to install any software on your own computer. What do you get in this playground?

  • Ansible tool preinstalled.
  • Two target servers that Ansible can work with, and where you can test what this automation tool can do.
  • Primary playbook to help you get started with Ansible.