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The New KodeKloud is Coming!

To ensure no one gets left behind and no disrupted services, we are eager to answer all of your questions and help you help us transit through the new change. As the saying goes,
“KodeKloud aspires to create student-centered learning environments in which the student is in the driving seat of their own learning.”

🚀We’ve been working in the background on a better version of KodeKloud the past year. One that will provide a better, faster, smoother experience for our learners. And we are happy to announce that the Beta ✨ is finally here for you to try. The new version includes:

  • Better dashboard that helps keep track of your courses in progress and easily resume them.
  • Smoother and faster experience while navigating through a course.
  • Seamless integration between videos and labs.
  • New and Improved Learning Paths: Now you can start a path and track your progress within each learning path.

Coming in the future

The new platform will enable us to build more fun and exciting things in the future:

  • Better Skills Tests
  • Custom Learning Paths for our Business Users
  • Mobile App to view courses on the go
  • Customisations for your own learning journey
  • Greater personalisations based on your preferences
  • More tools to enhance your learning experience
  • Notifications system to ensure you are always up-to-date
  • Some level of integrations with KKE for gamifications

Migration Plan

  • Beta Phase: We will have both the platforms available in parallel. Current platform at and new platform at
    • Payments and subscriptions still remain on However you will have access to both the platforms as long as you are a subscriber to one.
  • Go-Live: The new platform becomes and the old platform moves to
    • Payments and subscriptions are migrated to the new platform at

What’s being migrated

We will be performing a one-time migration of the below details:

  • Your profile information
  • List of completed courses
  • Course Certificates
  • Payments and Subscriptions:
    • If using Stripe: After Go-Live
    • Other methods: Continue to manage on
  • Courses in Progress
    • Course progress migration is done on a best effort basis as of 12 March Tuesday.
    • Progress made after 12 March is not migrated.
    • Progress made on the new platform is not synced with Legacy.

What’s not migrated

  • Passwords: 
    • If you use a username and password to login, then please Sign-up with a new account. It’s easy.
    • If using Google Sign-on: Then please sign-in with your Google account as usual. 

You’ll receive invitations in your email on how to go about this. For any concerns please reach out to [email protected]

Access & Account Issues

I previously signed up and created an account using LinkedIn login, but I can’t find the option now. How can I login to KodeKloud?

While the New Platform offers enhanced flexibility and security, we acknowledge that some features, like LinkedIn login, are temporarily unavailable. For account assistance and seamless data retention, please contact our Customer Support team.

I received an email saying that my account is now accessible on the New Platform. But when I try to login, I’m told to enter the Confirmation Code. Is that normal?

The enhanced KodeKloud Platform prioritizes account security. When transitioning to this new platform, customers will need to authenticate once to verify their identity. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

Login to KodeKloud ➞ Check your email inbox or spam folder for Verify Email ➞ Click on the Verify Email link ➞ Platform is now authenticating your account ➞ If identity is verified, you will see the success screen. And that’s it, you’re good to go now!

I can’t seem to use my old password combination. What is happening and what should I do?

As part of the stronger account security measures, the New Platform now requires all our customers to adhere to a more stringent password complexity. In most of the password fields, you should now see the strength indication of your password (e.g. “weak”, “normal” or “strong”) before you proceed to set the passwords.

To ensure no disruptions to your account and access in future, we strongly recommend all our customers to perform one round of password reset. If you encounter any issues with resetting password, please contact our Customer Support team for assistance.

Courses & Certificates Issues

I have completed some courses before. Where can I access these Certificates that I have?

Completed course certifications are accessible on both the Legacy and New Platforms. On the New Platform, head to Account Settings, and you'll find a tab labeled "Course Certificates," showcasing all your completed course certificates.

I have made progress for some of the courses! Why do I not see these progresses here? Do I have to restart all over again?

Updated Course progress migration has been completed to the best of our abilities as of March 12th, Tuesday.

However, it's important to note that progress made after March 12th will not be migrated, and progress made on the new platform will not be synced with the Legacy one. If you notice any discrepancies in your course progression, kindly mark the lesson complete up until the point where you last stopped.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we strive to enhance your learning experience! 

Subscription & Payment Issues

I have a previous subscription with your platform under Razorpay or Paypal, can I continue to login and use your platform?

All current students will maintain uninterrupted access based on their subscription plans. Please note that the new platform exclusively uses Stripe for payments, so we recommend renewing subscriptions through Stripe once the current plan expires.

I have an existing subscription with the legacy platform before you moved. Now, all I see is the subscription cost with no option to renew or change plan. What is happening and what should I do?

 Rest assured! Our new platform, seamlessly integrated with Stripe, ensures an enhanced checkout experience. Regrettably, we've had to discontinue support for other payment gateways. For optimal benefits, we kindly recommend all customers to resubscribe to their plans on the new platform.

Why do I only see the “Cancel Subscription” option in my Account Profile? Can I not renew or upgrade my plan directly?

Our customers' satisfaction is our top priority. If you encounter the "Cancel Subscription" option in Legacy, it means your current plan uses unsupported payment gateways. You should transition to our new platform to seamlessly renew or upgrade your plan, ensuring uninterrupted learning. Should you face any challenges, our dedicated Customer Support team is ready to assist you promptly. We appreciate your continued trust in our services.

I don’t like using Stripe to make my payments. Is there no other way to continue with other payment gateways?

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to your learning journey with us. The New Platform is designed exclusively for you, offering enhanced experiences, powerful features, and a seamless journey as you advance through our courses.

As we introduce these improvements, it's essential to inform you that certain features are no longer supported due to their incompatibility with our New Platform. We encourage you to subscribe via Stripe on the New Platform for optimal benefits. Should you need assistance with the transition or altering your current subscription plan, our Customer Support team is ready to help.

Will KodeKloud be supporting other payment gateways in the future?

Absolutely, we're committed to addressing your concerns and listening to our customers. Stay tuned for upcoming enhancements, including the reintroduction of Paypal and additional payment options in our roadmap ahead.

I currently live in another country (e.g. China, HK, Africa). Will payment be supported and will I still be able to purchase a subscription plan in that currency?

We welcome students from across the globe! Stripe, our chosen payment platform, extends its reach to over 46 countries. If your country isn't currently supported, our dedicated Customer Support team is eager to assist you in finding the best way to get the right plan for you.

Will I be able to choose the currency I would like to transact in or change my country of living during the checkout step?

In our pursuit of a seamless experience, our integration with Stripe ensures accurate pricing and currency display. Recognizing our diverse student base worldwide, you can easily adjust your country during checkout, ensuring precise tax calculations based on your location.

The country I live in requires me to pay taxes. Is that automatically included during the checkout and how do I know if I’m paying the right taxes?

With Stripe’s integration, enjoy seamless tax calculations based on your location during purchase. As part of Stripe’s enhanced checkout experience, there is no need to worry about overpaying or incorrect tax handling.

If you face any issues related to tax handling, our Customer Support team is here to assist, ensuring precise deductions or refunds. Your feedback helps us and Stripe enhance our services for an even better customer experience.

Can I still add, change or remove payment modes for my existing subscription?

Stripe provides us a convenient yet powerful way to enable our customers to make such changes on-the-fly. Simply head over to your Account Profile ➞ Payment Methods ➞ and select “Manage my Payment Methods” at the top right corner. Here, you can freely add, change or remove any card details with no disruption to your subscription at all.

If I bought my subscription in the middle of the month (or any other days except for first day or last day), will I receive proration to the pricing on the new platform?

Absolutely yes, we never overcharge our customers at all! We want to ensure all our customers feel at ease to subscribe or resubscribe any time with us. No pressure ever!

If the proration fails to load and an overcharge occurs, our Customer Support team is more than happy to assist and ensure that only the right amount is deducted or refunded.

How do I contact Customer Support Team?

Please write to us at [email protected].

General Questions

I’ve been using KodeKloud for a long time now. This new version seems to be lacking many features we used to have. What’s happening?

The recently launched KodeKloud Platform ensures a consistent and enriched learning experience for our customers. Our dedicated team is actively working to transition all users to the new version and continually release additional features. This means an upgraded user experience and enhanced learning journey, spanning from course enrollment to lesson completion. While you can access Completed Course Certifications through the Legacy Platform, not all legacy features have been fully integrated into the new version.

Can I still login to your old/legacy platform at all? And is it synced with the New Version of KodeKloud?

Yes, absolutely! All our customers can temporarily access the Legacy platform at to continue utilizing its features.

However, since we've fully transitioned to the New Platform, please note:

  • New courses are exclusive to the New Platform.
  • Changes and progress made on Legacy won't sync to the New Platform.
  • Subscription plan modifications can't be made on Legacy, but you can cancel and resubscribe on the New Platform.