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Linux System Administration

Prepare for the Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator (LFCS) Exam
Aaron Lockhart
Linux Foundation Certified System Administrator
DevOps Pre-Requisite Course
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What you’ll learn

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These days, Linux is used almost everywhere. From smartphones, to supercomputers. From personal computers with ChromeOS, to servers powering the Internet, and most of the popular online services, or websites we use.

More and More IT Careers Require Linux

While in the past, knowledge about Linux was rarely required, nowadays more and more jobs in the IT sector require some level of skill in this area. In a way, Linux became the "first door" that you have to open if you want to follow certain career paths.

For example, if you're interested in a DevOps career. Or you want to learn how to use Docker, or Kubernetes. Or you simply want to specialize into using cloud platforms like Amazon Web Services (AWS). For all of these, Linux is required knowledge.

That's why we created the Linux System Administration for Beginners Course. Because we know that the first steps are the hardest. So we want to help you take these first steps and dive into this new world of Linux.

Learn Linux the Easy Way (and Fun too!)

The best thing about our course is that it has no other requirements. Meaning that even if you've never used Linux in your entire life, this course will hold your hand throughout the whole process.

We don't assume that our students already know some things about computers in general, or Linux. We built it so that anyone can learn. Even if they've never worked in any IT-related field, this course will explain things in a beginner-friendly way, so that everyone can follow, regardless of their professional background.

We have easy-to-understand visual explanations to help you out, but also lab content where you get to practice what you learn. And you won't need to set up a virtual machine with Linux. You will get access to a Linux environment directly from your web browser. So you can get to practice right away without having to set up anything!

Also, just in case you intend to take some certification exams in the future, we added a few tips in some lessons on how you can make your exam experience a bit easier (for example, check out the lesson about how to "Read and Use System Documentation").

What Will You Get From this Course?

You will learn the basics of system administration. Things like:

  • How to manage files and directories
  • How to manage file and directory permissions
  • How to open and edit files
  • How to search through text files
  • How to read system logs
  • How to compress and uncompress data, create archives and simple backups
  • How to connect to remote Linux servers through SSH
  • How to manage processes and services running on a Linux server
  • How to inspect system resources
  • How to schedule automated cron jobs
  • How to manage and update software packages
  • How to manage user accounts
  • How to use Regular Expressions (We know these are often a feared "enemy", so we tried making them much easier to understand.)
  • And a few other extra things we think are useful to know about

In a nutshell, you will gain the basic knowledge that can help get you started on the road of becoming a System Administrator. Consider it your "Linux System Administrator Starter Pack".

We hope you will enjoy the experience!

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What our students say

About the instructor

Aaron is a Linux and UNIX specialist with over 20 years of Linux experience. During his career, Aaron has seen Linux change and mature substantially, and has enjoyed working with Linux as it evolved. Whether working to deploy and manage Linux-based solutions in large enterprises, or mentoring others, Aaron enjoys putting his Linux knowledge to use to help others.

Aaron Lockhart is a Support Supervisor at Liquid Web, where he's been instrumental in leading his team to new heights. 

Before that, he served as a Support System Administrator, specializing in technical assistance for e-commerce applications on Linux for Enterprise clients. 

Additionally, Aaron has experience as a Course Architect and Technical Trainer at KodeKloud. His skill set includes Kanban, Jira, and project management, and he holds certifications in CompTIA Linux+, Agile with Atlassian Jira, Feedback Loops, Inspiring and Motivating Individuals, and Leading Teams. Aaron is based in the Greater Houston area.

About the collaborator

Linux had an immensely positive impact on Alexandru’s life. He’s living the dream, getting paid to do what he loves. You can find his tutorials on websites such as DigitalOcean, Alibaba Cloud, or Linode. He believes the Linux ecosystem is elegantly simple. And he wants to help others discover the beauty, simplicity, and power of this ecosystem.

Recognized for his achievements, he has received awards such as Best Use of AWS, Best Hardware Hack, and Best Device Privacy Hack. Currently, he contributes to W3C, Trust Over IP Foundation, and Decentralized Identity Foundation. His roles include Senior Data Engineer at Doma, Data Engineer Consultant at Object Computing Inc., and Data Engineer Analyst at Label Insight Inc.

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