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Taught by: Sanjeev Thiyagarajan, Network Engineer

About the course

This is an introductory course for Kustomize, a Kubernetes configuration management tool. 

Kustomize provides developers a declarative way to create variations in their Kubernetes configs by creating overlays. By using these overlays a list of changes/modifications can be applied to the base configuration. A layered solution like this can be leveraged, the original base configuration can remain untouched.

Kustomise is most beneficial when working with multiple environments with unique config requirements.It can accommodate these easily by creating a separate overlay for each environment.

Kustomize makes use of YAML artifacts instead of a templating syntax for the overlays. This is why the configurations remain readable and the overlays look and behave like traditional Kubernetes configs.

What you will learn:

  • What is Kustomize?
  • Kustomize installation
  • Basics of Kustomize
  • Transformers
  • Patches
  • Overlays
  • Components
  • Secret/Config Generator
  • Imperative commands

Practice, Practice, Practice!!!

Lectures alone won’t give you the skills you need to make it as a DevOps engineer. In this course, you will learn by doing. Each exercise will help you make sure you have truly mastered the concepts and will help you have the confidence to apply your Kustomize knowledge in real-world situations.


What are the prerequisites:

  • Basic Kubernetes knowledge is required
  • Familiarity with pods, deployments and services

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What our students say

Zeid Al-Seryani
Zeid Al-Seryani
Solutions Architect at Renault Group, Spain
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What an amazing #Kustomize Course by KodeKloud. Many thanks to Mumshad Mannambeth and the course author sanjeev thiyagarajan for your efforts, it was simple, clean and very informative.
Amjad Nagori
Amjad Nagori
Solutions Architect, Logic Monitor
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Thank you so much Mumshad Mannambeth for the awesome course, I couldn't find better than yours. These courses are well designed with awesome practice labs and have more than the required content to learn and pass the Kubernetes exams. Not sure how you are managing them with these much of low cost.
Sandy Yang
Sandy Yang
Engineer, Architecture, Devops Advocate, Cloud Practitioner
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... Thank you Mumshad Mannambeth and the team for your contribution to computer education. If all training programs were like yours, there won't be a movement called #womanintech....
Andrzej Kozlowski
Andrzej Kozlowski
Zurich, Switzerland
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Thanks KodeKloud for amazing Kodekloud Engineer site ! You are guys the future of IT education ! Special thanks for Mumshad Mannambeth for the best Kubernetes training and amazing KodeKloud labs.

About the instructor

    Sanjeev Thiyagarajan

Sanjeev has 8+ years of IT experience working primarily as a network engineer for prominent network vendors. 

He has worked on designing & testing large networks for Fortune 500 companies ranging from Enterprise Customers to Cloud & Service providers.

Sanjeev has been creating online courses for several years, teaching various topics, including programming, automation, and cloud.

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Course Includes

  • 6 Lessons
  • 36 Topics
  • Course Certificate
  • 2.00 Hours of Video
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  • Demo
  • Labs
  • Community support
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