Docker Certified Associate Exam Course

Prepare for the Docker Certified Associate Exam Course

The DevOps world runs on containers. Containers help companies build and ship code/software faster than ever. Organizations today follow modern best practices for software development to stay ahead of competition. Hence, companies expect a certain level of container skills from the candidates they are hiring. Having a certification to showcase the same is a well-thought move, and so, it is very important for anybody willing to become a Docker expert to get certified in DCA to let the world know that you have all those required skills when it comes to Docker.

Docker is the leading container runtime platform and offers features around container management and orchestration. DCA validates your container skills and technical knowledge of Docker with an industry-recognized credential. With DCA, your Docker skills will be recognized worldwide, and it amplifies your confidence with Docker. You will be able to follow best practices while working with containerized applications and easily troubleshoot issues and identify root cause of problems. The DCA credential validates that you have these skills after passing the exam.

This course covers all the required topics from the DCA curriculum including Docker Engine, Docker Compose, setting up a Docker Swarm cluster, Docker Enterprise products – such as Docker Enterprise Engine (now Mirantis Runtime Engine), Universal Control Plane (now Mirantis Kubernetes Engine) and Docker Trusted Registry now (Mirantis Secure Registry). And finally the fundamentals of Kubernetes.

Throughout the course we have:

  • 100s of research questions that will help you get familiar with the multiple choice question format.
  • We have practice tests at the end of each section that will help test your knowledge.
  • And at the end of the course we have multiple mock exams that closely follow the actual exam pattern of a mix of DOMC (Descrete Option Multiple Choice) and MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) questions. You’ll see analytics of your area of weakness.

What are the pre-requisites to attend this course?

  • The Docker for Beginners Course
  • The Kubernetes for Beginners Course

Course Content

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Course Includes

  • 13 Lessons
  • 209 Topics
  • 48 Quizzes
  • Course Certificate
  • 13.71 Hours of Video
  • Demo
  • Mock exams
  • Community support