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Application Process


All you need to do is apply your interest by filling out your submission in the application below. We will go through every application and will take 5-7 working days to let you know if you are successful in being part of our writing team.


Once you are shortlisted, we will share resources with you whenever we need to publish an article, and you can create your own unique articles! You will stand a chance to upskill your writing skills by working with our editorial team.


We will review your articles within 5-7 working days. If your article is most promising, it will be published in our blog section! We will also promote your article with our 500,000+ students and social media channels.

Get Compensated

We believe that your research and hard work deserve equal compensation! Once your article is published in KodeKloud’s blog section, we will compensate you for your work. You can earn as much as a minimum of $100 up to $400 per article! It’s that easy!