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Navigate CI/CD with Confidence: A Comparative Guide

Github Actions
Azure Devops
Ease of Setup
Moderate, self-hosting can be complex
Easy, especially for GitHub users
Moderate, more steps for non-Azure users
Highly customizable with plugins
Limited to GitHub's ecosystem
Moderate, more steps for non-Azure users
Mature Cl features, CD can be plugin-based
Auto workflows, package hosting, matrix builds
Unified pipelines, release gates, Azure live site
Extensive with plugins for various tools
Seamless with GitHub, supports many tools
Strong with Azure, supports various tools
Highly scalable with distributed builds
Scalable withGitHub infrastructure
Scalable, optimized for Azure services
Free, with cost for self-hosting resources
Free for public repos, charges for private
Free for open source, tiered pricing
Self-hosted or cloud-based solutions
Fully hosted on GitHub
Hosted on Azure
Learning Curve
Steeper due to complexity
Moderate, simpler for GitHub users
Moderate, especially for MS ecosystem users