Bug with task assignment

Hello !
I faced today very strange issue. At 9 am got new task: Selinux Installation. I completed the task and all was ok, point and taks numbers were updated correctly. Just few minutes ago I went again to KKE and see that my completed task has disappeared and I got new one: Linux Find Command.
This task assignment time is as well 9 am. Can you have a look what is going on and assign me lost points for Selinux Installation, please.


@Inderpreet @mmumshad

Same happened with me. I had been assigned a task ‘Deploy an App on Docker Containers’ yesterday June 4. I completed it in the morning today at around 11 am (6 hours back) and got the full points. But just now I checked the task list and it shows the same task as not complete and pending. My points has also been deducted because of that, which I got awarded for completing this task.


Interesting … so most like it is bigger glitch that I thought, originally. Funny enough you are very lucky to get randomly the same task :grinning:


The same happened to me.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad

I’m not being assigned new task since 2 days because of previous task marked as pending due to a bug (after being completed). Please advise.

I got the task as expected at 10 am. So it seems that Find overwrites SELinux somehow even though it was completed around 1 pm. Let see if new completed task will be overwritten.
@Inderpreet @mmumshad: Can you look into this issue and give me back my lost completed task?

hey team,
more to the context… I got those tasks very well completed along their bonus point, just yesterday

logging again today, I got them like this, one expired, the other in pending status !!

hoping @admins would look into this weird behavior

This same type of thing happened with me i was going through mails and i opened mail of previous task and accidentally i click on task link and when the task page opened my previous task was gone and point also got reduced.

It would suggest that by clicking on the task link, new task is generated which takes the slot of previous executed task with the same link, in my case is different es I did not click any links. I just noticed that after few hours my finished task disappeared and new one replaced it. It looks to me more like maintenance or even restore of database. Anyway it has to be checked and link should not replace already executed task.

I think the bug is fixed now. I got my last task restored and mark as completed and also received a new task some hours back

Yesterday, I completed “Find command task” and got 450 points including bonus…Now that seems to have been removed from my points…Can someone help?

Yesterday I completed a task and I got moved Devops line. When i check in the morning, again i am in Sysadmin column with new task assigned.

I completed again the same task, now I am in Devops line but its not showing in the proper order.

@mmumshad @Inderpreet Can you please check.

Some critical BUG in Task and Leaderboard.

Hello @Inderpreet @Ayman @mmumshad
I have the same issue with the task about hard and soft limits with 300 points. I completed it in a minute and got 300 points plus 150 bonus points but now its gone and a new task, Linux SSH Authentication, has appeared for 200 points. Please give me my point back. Thanks

Same with me too. . I have also completed task on Install and configure nginx on App Server 3.

Now it is not showing in the completed task list and points has been deducted.

Please give me my point back. Thanks.

Hi @Inderpreet, @Ayman , @mmumshad ,
I encountered the same issue where i completed task yesterday( Install a package) and today its gone and replaced by another task (Create a group).
Can you please correct the issue . Thanks

@Inderpreet, @mmumshad: The fix is still pending for me… someone just replaced completed task “Linux Find Command” with removed “Selinux Installation”. So still “Linux Find Command” task points are missing for me…

Same issue with me as well. Yesterday i have completed haproxy/.htaccess/htpasswd task and clicked submitted. It showed me success, but within a matter of seconds the page got refreshed and i see a new task assigned to me and more interestingly for the previous task there was no point assigned.

Not sure who will fix this, as I see most of the post remains unanswered here.

@Inderpreet @mmumshad @vijin.palazhi
I too have the same issue reported in this thread.

highlighted task was completed yesterday and I had next task as install and configure web application. also, there were two tasks assigned at the same time yesterday.
now, when I logged in, I see these two tasks assigned.
Team Please check and advise.

I have completed these two tasks which were assigned to me.
let me check tomorrow and see if new task will be assigned or same task is assigned or any changes in my points.


Issue is still on-going. Please list in this topic all tasks which were completed by you in format
Task name points Time
starting from last task which was not removed. Please keep this list updates so @Inderpreet and @mmumshad can follow them and add back to our profile.
For me it happned today again. Completed task from yesterday has been replced by new assignments.
Missing tasks for @andrzej:
Linux Find Command 300+150 9 minutes
Ansible Basic Playbook 200+100 9 minutes
Currently visible but potential victims for bug:
Selinux Installation 200+100 4 minutes
Linux Process Troubleshooting 600+300 7 minutes

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