Points and Tasks has been removed

Hi @Inderpreet @Ayman @mmumshad ,
From past 3 days my points has been removed and also assigned with same task. Next day i can see the same task which was assigned previously will appear and also the points for the previous task has been removed. I think some thing is going weird. Please look into the issue and resolve as soon as possible. Thanks


Hey @Rapa ,
I am facing the same problem .I have completed the task 2 times and it was successful but the next day it shows to be pending in my List of Tasks. Corresponding experience points and bonus points are also deducted again and again :expressionless: :expressionless:. @Inderpreet @mmumshad @Ayman please do look into this matter.

The same issue here
left : Yesterday, right: Today

Well , it seems I’m not the only one :v:

The same issue for my only with the yesterday task.

I have the same problem. Yesterday I completed the task “Install and Configure NFS Server” but today it is in a pending state.

This a duplicate topic. Please post it here: Bug with task assignment