Task got overwrite

I was checking my mails in gmail and I saw a mail for task so I accidentally click on task link and my previous task got overwrite with a new task and all the points i have earned from that prev task are gone

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I too faced the same issue. Last night i completed my task of “Create linux user with expiry”. i can see after a while new task assigned to me and the points which i got for the completed task are reverted Please check and confirm can i continue with new task

same here, today few hours ago i got an task for .htaccess/htpasswd secure webpage creation. I have completed that task and submitted. It showed success and later when i refreshed the page, there were no points added for that task, instead i saw a new task assigned immediately.

There is something wrong. Please check this team and assign the points accordingly.

the new task which i did over my overwritten task is showing expired status even after successfully completion of the task.

Finished a task yesterday succesful, today its shown as expired

Weird as well, as its weekend i put myself on OOO but got a new task today

For My.
I finished a task yesterday succesfull, today its shown as pending.

This a duplicate topic. Please post it here: Bug with task assignment