Completed task changed to expired

Hi @Ayman, @Inderpreet,

I successfully completed the task “Linux Firewalld Rules” yesterday under 15min and got the 50% bonus points.

However this morning the task is showing up as expired and the points (task and bonus) have been deduced from my points total.

Could you please look into this ?


Hi @kodekloud-support3, @Ayman,

Second strike: yesterday I successfully completed the task “Linux SSH Authentication” and got the 50% bonus points, but today it is displayed as not yet done and due in 2h and half from now… The task points and bonus have again been removed from my total.

Meanwhile the original issue about Linux firewall is still reported as expired (also previously completed with 50% point bonus).


This a duplicate topic.

Please post it here: Bug with task assignment

I understand this has been marked as resolved a few hours ago by Mumshad in the other main ticket, with some unrecoverable expired task. Just updating this here to keep track of what happened/changed in my account:

  • I completed again the “Linux SSH Authentication”, in 3 min this time. I got again the 50% bonus, however it was changed to expired less than 24h after
  • No change regarding the “Linux Firewall Rules task” (still displayed as expired as reported in the original post here)

Current display of the last 3 tasks:

So today I noticed the “Linux SSH Authentication” task’s status was changed from expired to pending. I proceeded to complete it for the 3rd time.

The only expired task left which needs to be restored to pending is now “Linux Firewalld Rules”.

@madkonix this bug was resolved some days back, can you please check and confirm the current status of your account?

Hi @Inderpreet Thank you for looking into this. As of right now I still have one task already completed but still showing up as expired:

@Inderpreet Quick Follow-up on this, the last expired task is still present. I also noticed today I was assigned 2 new task among which there is one I already completed few days ago:

@Inderpreet FYI I still have a previously completed task still showing up as expired: