Win exciting prizes with CKS Challenge

We have launched a special series to help you prepare for the Kubernetes CKS certifications. Check out the Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist Challenge Series, where you can put all your hardcore Kubernetes skills to the test.

This series consists of a set of complex challenges that will assist you in mastering Kubernetes Security concepts and getting ready for the coveted Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist Certification.

These challenges will test you on Kubernetes security concepts such as network policies, RBAC, seccomp, AppArmor e.t.c. To solve some of the tasks, you will also need to make use of third party security tools such as Aquasec Trivy, Kubesec, CIS Benchmarks and Falco from Sysdig open source. 

The interface of these challenges is divided into two parts:

1. The top half contains the Quiz portal where the details related to the challenge is displayed and an interactive Architecture diagram.

Click on the icons and the arrow connectors in the architecture diagram and an associated task (if available) will be displayed on the quiz portal.

2.The bottom half of the interface contains the terminal to the Kubernetes controlplane which you would use to complete the tasks. 

To validate if a task is complete, you can click on the “Check” button. If complete, the icons in the architecture diagram will be highlighted in green. If something is yet to be completed, it will be highlighted in red.

To complete the challenge, you must complete all the tasks.

How to submit your solution

Record your solutions and share on social media on your blog/video on youtube.
And these are absolutely free for anyone to attempt.

Just follow the steps below to submit your solution and win exciting prizes.

  1. Document your solution with a good explanation on your blog or GitHub
  2. Or even better record a demo and upload on YouTube.
  3. Add a link to the CKS challenges on KodeKloud in your reference
  4. Submit the details through the form :


The best solution with the best explanation wins the content.

We give away 2 Exam vouchers each month for top submissions.

So what are you waiting for? Get started right now.

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  1. Good initiative, CKS challenge tasks will help many students to prepare for their exam. It is an open book exam so you must learn how to navigate the docs well and search for topics quickly. Most docs give you an example yaml file to use, copy this and avoid writing yaml on your own to save time.
    I absolutely love the course content by KodeKloud team, My most favorite section is TLS concepts explanation. I would recommend keep CKS labs matching with actual exam version instead of old version.

    Time management is key to success. Around 16 questions in 2 hours is pretty challenging with various topics Trivy, ImagePolicyWebhook, PSP, AppArmor, CIS Benchmarks, Audit policies, Falco, RBAC, Static image analysis, Network Policies, Service Accounts etc. i throughly enjoyed learning all security concepts, I am attempting the exam on 4/17/2022.

  2. I am currently preparing for CKS,
    I checked it with curiosity and expectation after seeing the ‘CKS Challenge’.
    I got a lot of help in preparing for CKA and CKAD, and CKS will also be helpful.
    In addition, I usually get help through various hands-on practices through KodeKloud.
    Thank you very much.