Top 10 Reasons To Learn DevOps


DevOps has become the recent phenomenon of how software is delivered in the last decade. It evolved from different innovations and philosophies through the years. The word DevOps came from the amalgamation of words with DEV meaning development and OPS meaning operations.

And what it all boils down to is, that it is a process or a practice with the goal of bringing out the best improvements to different processes to enhance collaboration between these teams. Now you might ask, what is the big deal with this collaboration? Why is it important?

As demand for software services increases, so is the need for companies to stay competitive more so than ever by fixing bugs and adding new features as quickly as possible. In the old days, these features were not as easily pushed out as the infrastructure at the time was quite bare. In order to perform deployment, a lot of manual intervention by system admins and/or developers occurred to make sure that each new feature doesn’t break the entire system.

Fast forward to now, through DevOps, we can now equip our software infrastructure with automated pipelines that perform automated testing, packaging, and finally deployment to the infrastructure to be used by our end-users.

It is with this automation that processes within teams become much more streamlined. As soon as planning and development are completed, developers can now work and push their code changes and the infrastructure will do the rest. DevOps also enhances the ability to monitor the infrastructure, if in any event, something breaks, we can easily roll back to previous changes with a click of a button and become operational in a short amount of time.

And finally, the ability to scale up or down applications as demand changes. As we transition to cloud platform services instead of on-premise servers, DevOps also ensures the cost-efficiency of the infrastructure. This is to ensure maximum profitability without compromising on user experience.

So you may be wondering, is DevOps really that great? The short answer is YES!

In this article, we’ll be going through the top 10 reasons you should start learning DevOps today!

Watch this video to learn about the benefits of adding DevOps to your skillset.

10. Your work has a greater impact on the productivity of entire teams and departments

Part of a DevOps engineer’s task is to automate processes as much as possible. This automation further improves the quality of life within teams where some tasks would be too tedious and repetitive.

These teams appreciate you more since they are less stressed, more productive, and are able to deliver their performance targets in the company.

For some, maybe even for you, being appreciated tends to be one of the major factors that help drive motivation and inspiration.

9. You can work anywhere

Recent global events proved to us that IT professionals among many others have no problems working from home. In fact, they are just as productive compared to going to the office.

Since the majority of software infrastructures can be accessed through the internet, they can be remotely managed from a terminal or by web dashboards and consoles.

DevOps engineers don’t need much in terms of equipment, all you need to have is a laptop or a tablet and a working internet connection. And of course, your knowledge, and you’re good to go!

8. Exciting technologies to learn

DevOps engineers are quite known for utilizing a multitude of tools at their disposal.

Having proficiency in these many different technologies and tools to manage software infrastructure, is what makes DevOps engineers unique and a cut above the rest.

As technology is ever moving forward and new advances and discoveries are being made, there is no shortage of new things to learn and discover in the field of DevOps.

7. Greater sense of fulfillment and accomplishment and interesting challenges to solve

This ties in with our #10 Everything you do in DevOps provides a sense of purpose that whatever you’re doing is not minuscule and wasted. Now, I don’t know about you, but realizing your work effectively and improves many can be quite fulfilling and this can also eliminate burnout long term.

The different variety of problems and challenges you will have to face as a DevOps engineer is interesting and intriguing enough that it ensures no dull or boring moment. As you overcome each problem or challenge, this further adds to your overall professional experience.

6. Be part of something bigger, You are valuable to any company.

Companies are continuously seeking good DevOps engineers. Not only do they ensure that team collaboration is as optimized as possible, but they also ensure that the software infrastructure runs cost-efficiently.

This also allows companies to maximize their profitability without compromising on software quality. DevOps engineers also become one of the supporting pillars of the company as they build the necessary infrastructure to maintain the software or service’s uptime and stability.

5. Certifications and Career Growth

Certifications are certainly valuable as it plays a big role in the credibility of DevOps engineers, it allows recruiters to determine your set of skills and obtain somewhat of an assurance that these DevOps engineers are what they say they are. And as a result, DevOps engineers with credible certifications often get shortlisted and scheduled for interviews much faster thus, opening more doors and opportunities

DevOps is one of those careers that have a fast rate of career growth. Once you have the basics and fundamentals covered, you can then get started applying for a junior role in a company, all of that experience and progress that you acquired over the years will certainly add up to your credentials and improve your negotiating power along the way.

4. In Demand

We are in an era where software and services are now often served through the internet. As more and more businesses transition to utilizing the power of the cloud, so is also the need for DevOps engineers that will manage them.

A simple lookup at your favorite job site will prove the vast amount of employers looking for DevOps engineers. Since there is more demand than supply, there is really no need to wait for a perfect time to shift your career to DevOps.

3. High Salary and Better benefits

DevOps engineers in the US earn more than $100,000 annually. and this can go definitely higher depending on the number of years of experience.

Aside from the salary, it also goes with better benefits and sometimes includes relocation packages. This should give you a stable and comfortable living for you and your family. Allowing you to reach your personal goals faster.

2. Job stability and fast hireability

Since DevOps engineers are always in high demand, you can expect companies will value you due to what you can contribute to the company.

It’s never a one-time setup thing and you're done. DevOps is a continuous role and has a lot of areas to cover. From infrastructure maintenance to version upgrades, and integration of new technologies, a DevOps engineer’s work is always on the go.

If one day you decide to look for better opportunities, you would find that it’s not that hard to look for other companies to work for due to increased demand.

1. It’s so easy to get started

Now that you have understood why DevOps engineers are highly sought after. It will be totally up to you to decide if DevOps as a career is for you.

If you do want to shift your career or get started with DevOps, the good news is it is not that hard to get started!

Getting started to learn DevOps is easy. As with any other endeavor, it all starts with the first step. And in this first step, what you need to focus on are just basics and fundamentals.

DevOps as we stated earlier is a set principle or practice, so really understanding what DevOps is all about is a good way to start and then you can proceed further by learning the different sets of tools that are being used.

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