Unlock DevOps Mastery with KodeKloud's Free Week

Unlock unparalleled DevOps expertise with KodeKloud's Free Week. Dive into specialized courses, hands-on labs, and gain insights from industry leaders. Embrace this transformative journey and redefine your DevOps potential.

Exciting news for all DevOps enthusiasts committed to DevOps Mastery! KodeKloud’s highly anticipated Free Week is back, offering everything in the standard plan for free - for an entire week.

The Free Week Starts From 25th September - 1st October.

This includes access to our library of 70+ specialized DevOps courses covering 29 focused areas, 300+ hands-on DevOps labs from a total of 500+ specialized labs, and the freedom to experiment in our Playgrounds. Plus, get a taste of the KodeKloud Engineer Pro 2.0 - a groundbreaking platform that provides real hands-on experience with project tasks on actual systems.

At KodeKloud, we're dedicated to Fostering Excellence in DevOps. We understand the importance of hands-on, practical learning in the ever-evolving tech landscape. That's why we invite both newcomers and seasoned professionals to join this event. Whether you're embarking on your DevOps journey or are a seasoned expert, this is your golden opportunity to elevate your skills.

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Learning Paths

If you don’t already know where your goal posts are, then perhaps it’s time to branch out and look at our learning paths and see what speaks to you.

We believe that everyone should have access to the best resources to hone their skills and propel their careers forward.

Linux Path

Dive into advanced Linux concepts using our top-tier resources. As you journey towards mastery, consider the promising career of a System Administrator.

Kubernetes Path

For all Kubernetes aficionados, KodeKloud acknowledges your commitment to mastering this pivotal orchestration tool. As Kubernetes continues to reign supreme in the cloud-native ecosystem, enhancing your expertise is paramount.

You could even consider a career as a Kubernetes Administrator, or Kubernetes Developer.

IaC Path

Our curated courses are designed to unlock advanced IaC practices, tools, and techniques. Remember, mastering IaC is about efficiently designing, deploying, and maintaining scalable and resilient infrastructure. Let's embark on this journey together!

HashiCorp Path

HashiCorp's suite is revolutionizing modern infrastructure and cloud management. KodeKloud's offers a deep dive into tools like Terraform, Vault, Consul, and more. Our handpicked courses provide advanced insights and best practices, positioning you at the forefront of infrastructure automation and security.

CI/CD Path

CI/CD is transforming the DevOps and software development landscape. KodeKloud is your exclusive opportunity to amplify your CI/CD expertise. Our in-depth courses are tailored to give you a competitive edge in CI/CD practices. Mastering CI/CD streamlines software delivery and accelerates innovation.

Cloud Path

Click on each logo to explore their complete learning path.

The cloud world's titans - AWS, Azure, and GCP - are reshaping industries globally. During KodeKloud's Free Week dive deep into these leading cloud platforms with our expertly crafted courses. Echoing real-world implementations and challenges, our roadmap empowers you to navigate the intricate landscapes of AWS, Azure, and GCP. Harness the vastness of the cloud and set the stage for a cloud-powered future.

DevOps Path

DevOps is at the heart of KodeKloud. Our entire existence is so we can create all the DevOps Engineers the market can handle.

Our refined DevOps learning path offers the most comprehensive and cutting-edge DevOps content. Dive into our reservoir of knowledge and hands-on experience, ensuring you're at the vanguard of the industry. Explore our DevOps Engineer learning path and discover why DevOps isn't just our specialty, but our pride and joy.

Cultivate Your Cloud Mastery with KodeKloud's Free Week

Recognizing the pivotal role of cloud technologies in modern DevOps practices, we've meticulously designed a Cloud Learning Path. As the tech landscape evolves, mastering cloud skills becomes indispensable for digital transformation excellence.

Seize the opportunity during KodeKloud's Free Week to embark on a hands-on cloud mastery journey. Our Cloud Learning Path encompasses a spectrum of courses, from cloud computing fundamentals to intricate topics like container orchestration and serverless architecture.

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Hear From Industry Leaders during Free Week

"Breaking Barriers: Navigating Tech Transitions and Flourishing in Tech Communities" with Julia Furst.

When? September 25th, 7:30 PM IST

Passionate tech advocate with years of industry experience.

Recognized for her contributions to tech communities.

A guiding light for many navigating tech transitions.

Join Julia for a candid chat where she'll share her insights about thriving in tech communities and navigating tech transitions. If you've ever faced challenges in the tech world or are curious about making a transition, Julia's session promises to be enlightening.

"Journeying Through the Cloud: From Maker to Multiplier, Kubernetes, and Beyond" with Natan Yellin:

When? September 27th, 8:00 PM IST

Deep expertise in Kubernetes and cloud ecosystems.

Passionate about sharing insights and driving innovation.

Natan's blend of stories and learnings is something you won't want to miss!

"From Physical to Virtual: The Evolution of Data Protection in the Age of Kubernetes" with Geoff Burke.

When? September 28th, 7:30 PM IST

Expert in data protection and virtualization.

Renowned for his insights into the evolution of data protection in modern tech environments.

Join Geoff as he delves deep into the transformation of data protection from its traditional physical roots to the virtual landscapes of today. If you're keen on understanding how Kubernetes is reshaping the way we think about data protection, Geoff's session is a must-attend.

"Unleashing WebAssembly: Surfing the Next Cloud-Native Wave with Live Demos" with Saiyam Pathak:

When? September 29th, 7:30 PM IST

Known for his deep dives into the latest tech trends and cloud-native solutions.

If you've ever been curious about WebAssembly and its place in the cloud-native ecosystem, Saiyam's session promises to be a thrilling ride. Get ready for a blend of in-depth knowledge and live demonstrations that will spark your curiosity and drive your passion for DevOps!


In conclusion, KodeKloud's Free Week embodies our commitment to Cultivating DevOps Mastery. It's a golden opportunity for professionals to elevate their expertise and delve into the nuances of modern DevOps practices. With full access to our premium courses and labs, participants can immerse themselves in hands-on learning experiences, harnessing the latest tools and methodologies. Our exclusive webinars and expert sessions further illuminate the evolving landscape of the industry. We invite every passionate professional to harness this chance and embark on a transformative journey with KodeKloud's Free Week.

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