FT ranking: KodeKloud recognized as one of the fastest growing startups in APAC 2024

Singapore's Fastest Growing Companies 2024 - KodeKloud

Today, we've some incredible news to share with you, our KodeKloud family, and the wider tech community. The Straits Times honored KodeKloud by naming us the 4th fastest-growing startup in Singapore! And the Financial Times honored us as the 14th fastest-growing startup in APAC!

This recognition is not just a milestone but a moment of reflection on our journey, values, and the future we’re building together.

Our Humble Beginnings

When we started KodeKloud, our mission was clear: to create high quality engineers. We believed that high-quality tech education should not be a privilege but a right accessible to everyone. For just a few hundred dollars a month we provide high-quality hands-on education to everyone anywhere in the world. We embarked on a mission to create an educational platform where quality videos and labs were available to all, aspiring to cultivate a community of skilled and confident engineers.


Bootstrapped and Proud

Our growth story is unusual but inspiring. As a bootstrapped startup, we've relied on our innovative spirit and a lean business model to navigate the tech education landscape. We prioritized sustainable growth and profitability over chasing venture capital, which allowed us to remain focused on our mission and values.

Ivan receiving the award for the Top Engineer from our CTO Vijin Palazhi

Growth Fueled by Passion and Word of Mouth

Perhaps the most remarkable aspect of our journey has been our growth strategy—or, more accurately, the organic growth that has come from our community's passion for what we do. We've never leaned heavily on big marketing spends. Instead, we've grown through word of mouth, a testament to our users' love and belief in our mission. Our community's enthusiasm and feedback have been our guiding lights, pushing us to innovate and improve continuously.

Our "people" people - Cadell and Poonam - in action

A Team Like No Other

None of this would have been possible without our extraordinary team. The 70+ engineers at KodeKloud have been the real heroes behind this success story. Their dedication, creativity, and passion have turned our shared vision into a reality. This recognition belongs to every single team member who has contributed their best work, day in and day out.

A Team Like No Other!

Looking Ahead

Being named the 4th fastest-growing startup in Singapore is not the finish line for us; it's a new beginning. It validates our approach and fuels our ambition to reach even greater heights. Our commitment to making technology education accessible and affordable for everyone remains unwavering.

Enjoying the not-so-boring team talks

We are incredibly grateful to our community for believing in us and joining us on this journey. Your support and feedback inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible in tech education.

Here’s to more learning, growth, and milestones together. The future is bright, and at KodeKloud, we're just getting started. 🚀