Upskill Your Hands-On Cloud Expertise - KodeKloud's k8s Challenge on the Cloud Resume Challenge

This challenge offers a comprehensive overview of the Kubernetes application deployment process. Additionally, for those seeking to go above and beyond, there are opportunities for extra credit.

The Cloud Resume Challenge is an innovative project designed to help individuals transition from obtaining cloud certifications to securing a job in the cloud computing sector. This hands-on initiative emphasizes the practical skills employed by cloud and DevOps engineers in their everyday tasks. Open to everyone, the challenge is especially commendable for those new to the cloud domain, offering a unique opportunity to enhance their cloud competencies.

The initiative was kick-started in 2020 by Forrest Brazeal, a well-regarded figure in the cloud engineering community and x- Google Cloud. His vision was to create a platform that not only aids in professional development but also fosters community engagement. Originally introduced on, the challenge has since been made open-source, allowing for wider participation and contribution. This includes the option for individuals to add their challenges, alongside recognition for their contributions.

Although the initial versions of the challenge came with a deadline to receive personal feedback from Forrest Brazeal, this specific timeframe has since elapsed. However, participants are encouraged to share their projects on the dedicated Discord server, where they can obtain reviews and insights from a supportive community of peers. This ongoing interaction ensures that the Cloud Resume Challenge remains a vibrant and evolving platform for learning and professional growth in the cloud computing landscape.

Kubernetes(K8s) Challenge from KodeKloud

Here at KodeKloud, renowned for pioneering Kubernetes training and courses, we pondered the idea of contributing a Kubernetes challenge to the Cloud Resume Challenge project. This led to the integration of the Kubernetes (K8s) challenge on the site, offering a valuable addition for those interested in demonstrating their cloud-native deployment skills through practical experience.

The inaugural Kubernetes challenge is designed for individuals beginning their journey with Kubernetes. It aims to showcase proficiency in deploying, scaling, and managing web applications in a Kubernetes environment. This challenge emphasizes the importance of cloud-native deployment skills, providing a hands-on experience that complements theoretical knowledge.

Participants are required to have certain prerequisites, including familiarity with Docker and the K8s Command Line Interface (CLI), access to a cloud provider account, a GitHub account, and the e-commerce application source along with a database script. The application source code and database scripts are made available through the official KodeKloud GitHub repository.

The challenge is structured into 12 comprehensive steps, culminating in the documentation of the project or solution. Initially, participants will dockerize an e-commerce application and a MariaDB database using Dockerfiles. Following this, they will set up a Kubernetes cluster on a public cloud provider, such as Azure, GCP, or AWS. The subsequent steps involve deploying the website and database into the Kubernetes cluster, making it publicly accessible, and implementing configuration management techniques. Participants will also engage in scaling the application, performing rolling updates and rollbacks, and implementing Horizontal Pod Autoscalers (HPA) along with liveness and readiness probes. The challenge concludes with the utilization of ConfigMaps and secrets to ensure security.

K8s Resume Challenge :

This challenge offers a comprehensive overview of the Kubernetes application deployment process. Additionally, for those seeking to go above and beyond, there are opportunities for extra credit. These include using Helm for packaging, implementing persistent storage for MariaDB, and establishing basic Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Our goal is for this challenge to serve as a thorough introduction to Kubernetes application deployment, equipping participants with valuable, real-world experience in cloud-native technologies.

Enhance the Kubernetes Challenge: Your Contributions Welcome

We believe that the Kubernetes resume challenge by KodeKloud can evolve and improve with your contributions. Your ideas and insights are invaluable to us, and we encourage you to share them. Please visit the challenge details and contribute your suggestions for enhancement. Together, we can make this challenge even more beneficial for everyone involved. 😊