Repeating Exactly Same Question is not a value add

Hi KodeKloud Team,

I think we are requesting since the start of the program to reassign the failed/expired tasks. Rather than doing that (even you promised multiple times) you are reassigning the exactly same passed questions. Personally I feel there will be no value add in reassigning the exactly same question. I would suggest please reassign it after extending the old question/adding some additional piece of tasks related with the same question or combining two tasks to make it end to end. Something like this we have to try.

I really appreciate your contribution towards community building & implementing many of our suggestions/improvements. But reassignment of failed/expired task is still pending since long.

I hope you will consider our request & look into it for implementing in coming days.

Pradip Ghosh


@mmumshad @Inderpreet

I completely agree with the point raised here by @pmpcert2013

In reassigning the task, at least problem should be changed.
For example, apache configuration:
There are many configuration points which needs to be considered.
while assigning first time, let us check first 3 points, then next 3 points etc.

One more concern is regarding the evaluation of the tasks.
My two tasks has been marked as failed and Support team is working on it.

You guys may be working hard, but query should be resolved asap or within some defined time frame. No users will ask updates within defined time frame. You should work on finding the root cause within it. If no success in finding the root cause, assign those tasks again with tested environment.

You guys are really working hard and we are much satisfied. A bit improvement pushes this platform to the next stage.

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I do not agree with you. The idea is to simulate work and at work u are getting very often similar tasks. Repeating tasks gives us ability to practise and memorize all we did to complete certain tasks.


I do not agree with your thought either. I am not against repeating but repeat with some extra twist/some additional task in continuation with previous same task so that it will provide opportunity to revise the old work plus some additional task/portion. Also this addition will help in looking at broader perspective of the task.

I hope others agree with my thought.

Pradip Ghosh