Install and Configure PHP-FPM


I have executed the task.
I was able to access my index.php page using load balancer link.

After submission the task, error message shows the port for server 2 & server 3.
Please find the attached screenshots for all 3 app servers.

May I know where I did wrong?

I’m also getting the same issue.

May I have your time on this issue?

same issue… I also made another topic on it with almost the same screen shots


We are still investigating this from our end, we will update you soon about it.

Hi Team,

I am facing same error received by hasmukhrathod although i could get the correct output from Loadbalancer.

Prashant Jadhav

Hello ,
@Inderpreet Any findings ?

@mmumshad @kodekloud-support3 @Inderpreet


Is this issue closed at your end?
Please share the updates.

Thank you.

@mumshad : Waiting for your updates on my query

Hi @kodekloud-support3/@mmumshad/@Inderpreet,
I have completed task successfully here are the screen shot for reference
task got failed Can you help to look into this .

image image image image image image image

Hello Folks,

Sorry for long delay with this issue. We have fixed issues with this lab and hopefully it should work fine now.

Whoever failed this task due to this issue we have marked it Success for all of them. If anyone still faces any issues with this lab please let us know.


Thank you for your support.

Thank you @Inderpreet changes are reflected