「Duplicate task」Configure protected directories in Apache: Failed status for same steps


Something should be wrong. You may give the same task for more practice. I did the same task 2 days back with success. Today I followed same step and got failed status.

Have a look at on the above please.

According to me in .htaccess file. after “Require” you have to mention user name.

Not necessary to mention username. You can user valid-user word also.

@mmumshad @Inderpreet @kodekloud-support3


Is this issue closed at your end?
Please share the updates.

Thank you.

Hi @hasmukhrathod

Thanks for reporting this. When it comes to reassignment of tasks please note there might be some minor changes in the requirements so its good to read the requirements carefully.

Anyways in your case I think you missed to copy the index.html from jump host to your protected directory on respective app so your answer was marked as failed.