Issue with Create a Linux User with non-interactive shell in kodekloud engineer

Hello Team,

Please have a look, I am getting an error while starting the LAB in kodecloud engineer, while I start the task it is throwing an error.

scenario not found. Please check your embedding code configuration.

KIndly have a look.

Thanks & Regards,
Akshay Kumar

Hi @akshay1988

Sorry for the inconvenience, this issue is already been reported and we are trying to fix it.

Faced the same issue.

Hello, @er.atirek
I think you made the same mistake which was already discussed in this thread.

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Hi I am unable to access the scenario. getting the following error

@mkneerukonda can you share your email id please.


could you please kindly fix it for me as well?

my profile is!/user_profile?uid=1623754231967572

Hi @effaceurs

This is already fixed for you, please check again.

[email protected]


Should work now.

Hi, I am unable to submit my task.
It says check and try later , when I click on check nothing happens.


As per this thread, I think you already mentioned its fixed for you in firefox.

Thanks Inderpreet. Do you know how to withdraw my review request?

Thanks Inderpreet. I really appreciate your help.


Which review request do you want to withdraw ?

First task I did , I was confident that it is correct so I submitted a review req. Now I know it was mistake and corrected it. So now I want to withdraw or if possible it can be closed as on my task dash board it is still under review. I want to get an option to Go for the task.

I think you need to accept a valid suggestion in there review and then it should be available for retry. Check this post