Updates coming! Review, Assist and Retry features


Hope you are having a great time working with KodeKloud Engineer. We have some exciting updates coming and I wanted to post them here.

We have been working on improving the KodeKloud Engineer platform to support learning and sharing knowledge. We will be introducing a review, assist, and retry feature in September.

Going forward after attempting a task, and if you are not able to resolve it, you may request a review for assistance by other KodeKloud Engineers.

This will create a new Review Request that can be seen in the Reviews tab.

Other KodeKloud Engineers can help review the task for the user thereby gaining additional experience points.

Click on the Review button to review another user’s task.

This opens up the Task Review Page:

The task review page has 4 sections.

  1. A video recording of the User’s attempt.
  2. The task details and why the task was marked as failed.
  3. A chat area for the user and reviewers to chat with each other and provide instructions to solve the task
  4. A voting section that can help identify if the issue was with the user’s attempt, a validation issue, or something wrong with the task description itself.

The user who raised a request for review cannot vote. He/she can only see the results of the vote.
All other reviewers can vote. This will help us and the users identify what the issue is.


The chat session will allow the user and the reviewers to chat with each other. Reviewers may provide solutions or tips to the user on solving tasks.

Click on the Tick mark to accept a reviewer’s suggestion. Make sure you do this to let the reviewer know his/her suggestion was accepted and to allow him/her to get experience points in return for their assistance.

Once a suggestion has been accepted, you can try the task again. But this time for 50% of the experience points.

The reviewer gets 25% of the points when his/her suggestion is accepted.

We hope these updates will improve learning and sharing between KodeKloud Engineers.

Feel free to suggest ideas and feedback.

Thank you for being an awesome KodeKloud Engineer.

PS: This feature is expected to be available in September.



:+1: great idea. It would be really helpful.

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It looks like task will be opened for review for everyone giving advance for those who will react first. Not sure if this is fair as it gives priority for people who have a lot of time to look into KKE constantly.
I would prefer that everyone has a limit of review points per month after reaching it cant review any more.
Important is to have limit with points not tasks as if we go with task everyone will be haunting for fat once :slight_smile:


It’s a good idea to review failed tasks. My suggestion is that Devops Architect has the priority to review failed tasks by Devops engineer and sysadmins. Devops engineer has the priority to review only failed tasks by sysadmins only.


Makes sense that only group above can review tasks but at that moment it would give only few people chance to review devops tasks. I like as well idea that tasks are offered first to Architects, then after few hours to devops and at the end to Sysadmins. So when new review request comes on it is visible for first 8 hours only for Architects. If someone from architect group is interesting to do review he should reserve the review so nobody else can do this. If another review request comes in it can only be reserved if person has no other pending review. So only one review can be active. After 8 hours tasks not accepted by Architects will be visible in devops team etc.


@mmumshad, I love the new feature idea. It will bring more collab and direct assistance.

Can you confirm if this review will affect the daily tasks sequence in any way for the reviewer and reviewee ?

And what about if we click request review for one of our task, can we still review the task of others ?

The review won’t affect daily task assignments. You can review others tasks even if you have your tasks for review. Currently, there are no limitations to others tasks you can review.

The only limitation is that you will only be able to review tasks that you have successfully completed.


It looks like it is still not working ? When it will start ?

@mmumshad Great improvement, just I have another one if my collegues have the same issue, about the assignement time, it is fixed as 24h + 1h if I’m right, can u fix it, if it possible as before at 1AM
cause we’re losing tasks, are you agree with me guys ?


@mouador, I think this is to distribute the load evenly. Though not sure, just a guess!

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@ahmedkuet U’re right , but it can be separated with 4 times or more

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Great idea! I’m looking forward to seeing/experiencing how this rolls out!

Thanks @mmumshad for your reply. I am super excited for this new feature.

Its already 1st September today and yet I cannot see the feature release. I cannot see the Review tab anywhere in my KKE Page.

This is a fantastic update, I have had a few family issues so I have been out of office for a while, but I hope to get back into it soon. This will really help, Thank you,

@mmumshad This is great ! I think this is okay if anyone can review and suggest as this will also help people at sysadmin level , they can gain some new knowledge on how they troubleshoot/identify certain issues faced by others.

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@mmumshad Great idea ,looking forward to experience new features :slight_smile:

This feature is now live in Beta. Please test and let us know your feedback.

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@mmumshad This ‘feature’ is a very good and thoughtful approach of you guys. While reviewing others’ tasks, it’s kinda revision to me of my older tasks. Kudos!

@mmumshad Amazing idea and it will definitely help both parties and build the knowledge. Knowledge sharing is the best one can offer.

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