@Vijin Palazhi @Mumshad Mannambeth Before migration to new URL i used to see cou . . .

@Vijin Palazhi @Mumshad Mannambeth Before migration to new URL i used to see course related to see “Labs-CKA” , after migration i see only “Labs-CKAD” not sure why i don’t see it now.

Message from kodekloud: Hey, we recently migrated to a new KodeKloud platform that provides a better learning experience. We have new features such as social login - Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and better payment options - PayPal and others. The new platform will also help us build a mobile app for our website, better learning path and gamification in the future.

Your account has not been automatically created on the new site as we thought you may want to use the social login options to sign up. So if you haven’t done already you will need to create a new account (It’s easy with the social login options. If not it won’t take more than 5 minutes to sign up with email address). If you create an account using the same email address as you had been using, then you will automatically gain access to the same courses you had access to before. No additional steps required. If you used a different email address, then use the instructions given in the lecture named “Accessing the labs” in your Udemy course to sign up for the labs for Free.

Note that the course progress is not copied from the old website, however you may view lessons/labs in any order on the new website. We understand this can be frustrating, so if you wish to continue with the same progress you may continue on the old website at http://legacy.kodekloud.com|legacy.kodekloud.com. Use your old credentials to login to the old site.

If you have more queries please read the FAQ given here:

thank you