Unable to connect to Linux VM on virtual box from my host IP

Hello Team: I am trying to set up the lab and while connecting to centos VM on the virtual box from my system via mobaxterm, after a few seconds i am receiving a Connection timed out and the session stopped. Please help me to resolve this if I need to change any settings in my corporate laptop.

Hello, @dadipinniusha
Please check the network settings of CentOS VM.

Attached to : Bridged Adapter

I think you should try this. @dadipinniusha
Enable the internet in the virtual machine. Setting is available in the top right.

it is already enabled and able to ping www.google.com

Can someone please help, I’m stuck here and my learning has stopped

let’s connect over the DM.

Issue is resolved after disabling firewall and changing the adapter to host-only adapter.


Can tell me how to do that I am facing the same problem myself

The file is also not able to sync

Hello, @gopalgavas25
Please add more details like what have you done till now. If possible please add an error screenshot.


here it is , same problem

stuck with it for past 2 days, please help me with it

Are you able to ping from the VM terminal?

try it

ping www.google.com

and share an output.

It’s your personal or office laptop??

it is my personal laptop

like this…?

Go to the settings (Top right) and enable the internet.

top right of the virtual box or machine…?