Linux run levels failed

@Inderpreet i have changed run levels in all app servers i have checked and confirmed in
cat /etc/inittab in all 3 app servers and it showed run level as 5 attached 3 screen shots showing all app servers run levels are set as 5. can you please let me know why task says failed and run level not set as 5 in App server 1

but still the task result came as run level not set on app server 1

@Ayman @kodekloud-support3 @Inderpreet pls check if the task is completed successfully and if its tech glitch pls make task as success .

screen shots provided i have done in all 3 servers.

@Inderpreet Please let me know why this task failed.

@Sasi if you read the very first line of /etc/inittab file you will get the answer. You should have used systemd for changing the run level.

@Inderpreet i should use either one of those commands not both? i didnt use systemd in stapp02 and stapp03 so it changed run levels when i used sudo init 5 and not for stapp01

@Sasi Since Centos7 uses systemd so you should have used that for setting run levels. The validation script usually checks servers in sequence so it failed for app server 1 and gets terminated.

@Inderpreet since linux flavour is not specified in the task i have used Linux init command, can you revert it back, so that i can use the centos systemd command, and complete it.pls specify the linux flavour which one to use and be as detail as possible in task details.

@Sasi we expect you to check the Linux flavor before performing any task which might have different solution for different Linux flavors/versions. But anyways this is Pending for you again, please try now.

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Thank you @Inderpreet i will check linux flavours going forward.

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Thanks this task is completed success.