Kubernetes redis deployment marked failed

@mmumshad @Ayman @Inderpreet @Tej-Singh-Rana
Please someone should take a look at this. I am someone that likes to follow instruction and as a DevOps engineer its important to work with the requirement given…again I have followed all instructions. The task did not say use toleration to make sure that the pod is scheduled on the master node, it only says make sure the pod is scheduled on the master node. That leaves me with multiple options, I decided to use node-selector to make this happen, I labeled the master node and untaint. The pod was successfully scheduled on master node and runs well. Yet the task was marked failed. I have attached a screenshot of the question and also other screenshots for reference.

Hi @neroxxpips

I totally agree with you. I tried to resolve this task using nodeName but the task has marked failed for me too. I think that the description task must be reviewed.
Unfortunately, It seems like I’m not getting support anymore (like you said before). I have posted several issues and I’m still waiting for a reply … and this is very discouraging … :frowning:

Hope the support team @mmumshad @Ayman @Inderpreet replies to your issue.


Hello, b.kamal
Don’t worry. You will get support from KKE team.

@Tej-Singh-Rana what about support for the issue at hand.

@neroxxpips sorry for inconvenience, this is marked Success for you.

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@Inderpreet what about support for my issues ? at least this one

@b.kamal which task failed for you which you think was correct ?

Hi, this one Resolve Docker Compose Issues Task failed
Thanks in advance