Resolve Docker Compose Issues Task failed

Hi all,

@Inderpreet ,

The “Resolve Docker Compose Issues” task failed with the message


I’ve resolved all issues in the task then I’ve launched the “docker-compose up” command. After a while, I got this, as you can see in the following image :

I can share the docker-compose.yml file if you want.

Hello, b.kamal
I think you missed to use “-d” flag with “docker-compose up” to run the application in the background.

Hello player001,

No matter how I’ve executed the docker-compose command, the important thing is the docker-compose.yml file itself.
After all, the check mechanism will recreate the environment from the beginning

@Inderpreet @Ayman @kodekloud-support3 can you check, please
Thanks in advance


@Inderpreet, can you give it a look, please

Thank you.

@Inderpreet any update please.

@b.kamal marked it Success

@Inderpreet I appreciate your support, thanks


I had same exact issue as @b.kamal reported
I only change the wrong lines, not configuration as the task suggest

the problem seems to be out of the task scope

@devops503 Please share your KKE username, also please let me know if you have your today’s task assigned already?


My User
Jimmy Bonilla
And my task for today is not being assigned yet

Thanks in advance

@Inderpreet , any chance the task to be marked as successful or to be reassigned ?

@devops503 This is marked success for you.

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Hi, I have similar issue with the task. After fixing the docker-compose errors and not updating any other config files as instructed, it was marked failed. Pls check


I also faced the same issue even after doing everything correct. My kke username is Ntsh. I have attached
screenshot in which it states redis and python container is running but still the task was marked as failed. Please check

  • ‘redis’ container seems down or missing on app server 1

So i gave a retry to this task and was successful this time around. What i did before clicking finish is that I killed all running containers in that instance. i.e the python app and redis.

The running containers might have caused some task verification issues last time around so better to keep the env as clean as possible.