Kodekloud pro tasks

After you subscribed kodekloud pro i want to know where to go to accomplish daily tasks or challenges.
https://www.kodekloud-engineer.com/ its for free but they have also for pro members where ?

Hi @Motasem-Aljaafreh,

Both free and pro subscriptions will access the same dashboard, on the same URL. If you are on the free plan, the task will be released 1 day after you complete the current task, with PRO you get it instantly.
Pro sub also has access to some premium courses and playgrounds of KodeKloud.
Find more here: Plans & Pricing for Top DevOps Courses | KodeKloud

Happy learning,

hello trung
you mean i access tasks here kodekloud-engineer.com if im pro also ?
i have subscriptions pro already .
You mean if I finish the task they send me a new task fast ? without waiting?

Yes, a pro subscription using the same URL.
Yes, you get a new task instantly after completing the assigned task.
Please check here for more information: Announcing KodeKloud Engineer Pro


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