Announcing KodeKloud Engineer Pro

Hello All,

I have some important announcements to make regarding the KodeKloud Engineer Program. Over the past year we’ve had 16,000 users :woman_technologist: on the KodeKloud Engineer platform who together completed 173,072 tasks :white_check_mark: in System Administration and DevOps roles.

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And we have 95 :trophy: of them who have completed the KodeKloud Engineer Journey and are in the final phase.

Since KodeKloud Engineer is a Free platform we were only able to assign 1 task every day. We have received numerous requests for introducing a paid version where this limitation can be lifted so you can traverse through the KodeKloud Engineer journey faster.

As such, we are now introducing the KodeKloud Engineer Pro plan as part of the new KodeKloud Professional subscription available at KodeKloud. Once you purchase(upgrade) to the KodeKloud Professional plan you will get a Pro tag on your KodeKloud Engineer.


With the KodeKloud Engineer Pro plan you no longer have to wait for 24 hours to get your new task. New tasks are assigned immediately after you are done with your previous task.

Apart from KodeKloud Engineer Pro we also have the following additional benefits for subscribing to the KodeKloud Professional plan.

  • New Cloud Playgrounds: We have introduced 2 new Cloud Playgrounds - AWS and Azure. GCP is coming soon.

  • New DevOps Playgrounds: Unlike our normal lab environments DevOps Playgrounds are blank environments that you can tinker with. You can also extend the duration of the lab environment in
    15 minute interval up to an extra hour if required. Currently there are 15 playgrounds. More playgrounds will be added soon.

Checkout the new plans here:

Note: The KodeKloud Engineer program will continue to be available for free with the 1 task per day limitation.

We hope you enjoy the new features. Please share your thoughts and comments below.



When will this program begin?
Will the program automatically be applied to existing subscribers?

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How do I access the kodekloud engineer pro. I now have access to the playground.

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No doubt the program would be fantastic however I should emphasize the support should be amazing as well. Currently a single post in forum could be responded many days or weeks … definitely needs a big improvement. Good luck :+1:


I have a premium Account but i still don’t get task everyday. I have to wait for 48hrs to get a new task on KKE.

@frankingstyle could you please provide the KKE user name so that we can check.

Is there no upgrade path from regular plan to pro plan? Existing members should be charged less to upgrade.

I have the same problem.

@mmumshad There seems to be a disjoint between your community forum site, and portals. I signed up for KodeKloud PRO yesterday and I am new to your platform. I tried to start on kodekloud engineer tasks and I was forced to sign up as a new user as there was no samless SSO feature from the main kodekloud portal and now my engineer account and my kodekloud account are 2 separate accounts and I am still showing as free user in KKE and the tasks are not populating right way as you stated would happen for KKE PRO included in KK PRO sub. Can you please look into this issue?

its niraj. I am having same issue. I wanted to send you a DM with my account tied email but there seems to be no such capability. Can you please look into this .

Same problem here - Enginner Pro - task assigned , same user name

Hello, I am also facing problem to access kodekloud engineer pro. Yesterday I upgraded my account to Pro but I dont see Pro mark on my kodekloud Engineer. Please take a look

@mmumshad , @Ayman ,
I had paid and switched to KodeKloud Pro , but i am still getting my tasks for KodeKloud Engineer Pro only after 24-48 hours . I had sent a mail to support last week on this and informed them about this and told me to check if it is happening and had responded that i have this issue .Given that we are paying for this service , please provide quick support and issue resolution .
Thank you

I have the same issue. I pay for my kke pro subscription. The tasks are in status waiting to assign.

@antonysavio1111 @elsebasan
Sorry for the delayed response. I was away for a while. I will check and let you know.

One of the main issue, can you please cross verify for this?


@Tej-Singh-Rana , I don’t have any pending tasks . I completed a task about 10 - 12 hrs back and still no new task. Please provide an issue resolution for this problem . It’s been going on for a while . Thanks

Hello Mumshad,
Does the AWS cloud playground which is included in kodekloud pro helpful for doing labs related to AWS developer associate and AWS devops professional. Please advice.

Hello @Tej-Singh-Rana @mmumshad.
I have the same issue.