It's been 3 years need to take CKA and CKAD exam again - how to learn?

Hi All,
It’s been 3 years from the time I got my CKA and CKAD, and my certificates will expire soon. As far as I know, in order to keep my certifications active I need to retake the exam. I’ve been using Kubernetes all this time, but I’m sure I forgot some things and other things got updated/changed.

3 years ago I used the CKA and CKAD classes to learn for the exam and it was invaluable.

How do you recommend to learn for the certification exam this time?
Is there a way to find what course lessons/content got updated in the last 3 years (maybe the last update date)?

Hi @cohenuzi01,

Yes, you need to retake the exam to keep your certifications, otherwise, it will be expired.
There’re a lot of changes during the last 3 years in Kubernetes and also the exam method.
I would suggest following the CKAD, and CKA course to recall, and restructure the knowledge before doing the mock exam and then seat for the actual exam.
And as you are working on Kubernetes for a while, during the learning period, you can skip some sections that you feel are well-known.
Or maybe you can start directly with the mock exams, based on your experiences with k8s, and if you see any topic that you’re not familiar, get back to the course to learn it.
I wrote the exam review here, check it out, and hope it adds some help:

Happy learning,