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Hi @mmumshad,

What is the best approach to share the KodeKloud Engineer experience in Linkedin?

I am telling this because I am participating of the programm in order to find a DevOps job and I wanna to recruiters know that I have this experience.

Thank you.

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I think the tasks in public profile could be summarized. The tasks could be aggregated in categories i.e.

Category Completed tasks
Kubernetes 20
Ansible 15
Puppet 15
Git 20
Linux 60
Total 130
Maybe with collapsible rows to give task details in each category. So it'll be easier to show the proficiency in each area
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This is a good approach…I do think that it could have a “share” function or a public URL, so people can see our dashboard.

Additionally it would be good to add hire me button as it was in creation adv.

As of today the profiles are public. You can click on name in leaderboard and you’ll see the public profile

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I appreciate if it is possible to unlock the expired tasks so we can do it again if we missed them .

Hello guys if i work on the kodekloud engineer tasks and modules. will i be job-ready and be able to craft up story about devops hands on experience in interview as an experienced devops personnel? right now i am work as a system administrator with 5 yrs exp and i want to change my career into devops.

How to resize task windows please

Please check the attached screenshot of how to resize.


I have been using Kodekloud engineer since 2 yrs, with my another email id [email protected]. But still i am only getting Linux related tasks, how do i get Devops related other tasks. I need to practice, i am an active subscriber for this website. Please reply to me.

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@mmumshad, i have been using Kodekloud engineer site since 2yrs, but still i am getting only Linux related tasks, i have completed more than 55 tasks in that, i need practice on other Devops related tasks. my email id is [email protected]. Please let me how do i get new tasks. Thanks.

Hi @srinadhr7 ,
Because you need to achieve the 25k points for the DevOps role. I can see that currently you have 23,890 points. Still 1,110 points are needed.

Reference: - Detailed info about the "Roles"

KodeKloud Support

Please remove your personal email address. We don’t encourage you to share your private email address publicly.
If you have any issues, then feel free to mail us at [email protected].

Best Regards,

sure, thanks for the reply.

I’ve get log out after pressing to redo the lab, i was logon with github so i don’t have a password, after log out i’ve tried to login again with github but it forces me to make new account but in the end it shows that my email is already in use, what can i do?

Hi @asyl13,
What kind of error are you seeing while login with GitHub auth?


Hi @asyl13,
If you don’t want to send SS here then please reach out to [email protected] with error screenshots.


i’ve solved it with changing email, but my old profile seems to be gone, but i think it’s ok cuz i started just yesterday, just let it be, thank you for quick responding

Hi I have taken the kodekloud Pro subscription but still not getting the task assigned on Kodekloud enginner platform. It still asking to wait for 48 hrs